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Bill Schmalfeldt is continuing to lie about Kimberlin Unmasked’s lawyer offering an apology to The Dread Pirate Kimberlin during or after the hearing held last Monday on TDPK’s motion to compel Google to provide identifying information about Kimberlin Unmasked. This was in relation to the Maryland Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit. Because I am one of the et al., I was present in the courtroom. Bill Schmalfeldt was not. I write as an eyewitness who is able to refresh his memory with access to the courtroom audio recording. Schmalfeldt is relying on the recollections of a convicted perjurer.

1. At no time during the hearing did Kimberlin Unmasked’s lawyer offer any apology to Brett Kimberlin for any action taken by his client or any of the other defendants. He denies having done so, I did not hear him do so, and the court’s recording of the hearing supports that view.

2. At no time from the time the hearing ended until the time Brett Kimberlin left the floor the courtroom is on did Kimberlin Unmasked’s lawyer offer any such apology. He denies having done so, and I did not hear him do so.

3.  In the comments to a blog post over at Kimberlin Unmasked,Schmalfeldt claims to have talked with Kimberlin Unmasked’s lawyer.KU20131105BS Kimberlin Unmasked’s lawyer denies having spoken with Bill Schmalfeldt. If the Cabin Boy cannot produce some record of the conversation (phone records, emails, whatever), the Gentle Reader can safely assume that he’s lying. Again.

The Cabin Boy wonders if it was unethical for me to overhear a conversation going on a few feet away from me in a public space that the participants were making no effort to keep private.WMSBroad201311050045ZIt’s not only ethical, it’s wise. When the other side decides to talk in a public space, one listens. Carefully. Bill Schmalfeldt may still be smarting from the time his lawyer loudly read him the riot act in the hall of the District Courthouse in Westminster last February in full view of Aaron Walker and me. (Wow. I never thought I’d use “Bill Schmalfeldt” and “smart” in the same sentence.)

As I’ve written before, I don’t really know who Kimberlin Unmasked is. I call him/her/them “Elvis” for convenience. TDPK will soon know the most current IP address and name that Elvis used with his/her/their blogspot account. Meanwhile, is hosted on an off-shore server.

Elvis has left the building.

One more thing … If you want to help my codefendants and me defeat Brett Kimberlin’s vexatious attacks on the First Amendment, go to Bomber Sues Bloggers to find out how.

13 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Like KU’s lawyer is gonna commit malpractice cause he likes Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt so much. Bill really is just that stupid. I really don’t know why you’re putting up with this.

  2. I know you just have to grit your teeth and bear it as the lies pile up and gain steam. Cabin Boy Schmalfeldt is really trying to get between KU and his/her lawyer. Not gonna happen.

    This is real life. Lawyers don’t routinely just break and throw their clients under the bus like that.[Redacted]

    I had to edit myself. A search of Maryland cases got me the name of the person who filed an affidavit in BK’s favor. Only thing I think I can safely say is that I hope this child will be able to get the help she is going to need when she reaches adulthood.

  3. I think that you should post, as an update, Bill Schmalfeldt’s confession letter to the SA. He falsely keeps stating that you filed “false” criminal charges, when you did not. He violated the peace order. You filed complaints. BS confessed to the violations, and the SA cut him a break, chose not to prosecute, but warned him that might not be the case in the future. BS’s own confession effectively impeaches him.

    • In my opinion, BS’s quote on his Twitter handle “It is better to light one candle than to curse the darkies,” is racist and Tweeters should call that out. By the way, brilliant legal mind BS once again has a Twitter account with the wrong website on it. They guy is not only slow, he is sloppy.

      • Predictably, he has now corrected the erroneous link once someone drew attention to it. Oh, and he is pretending that his Twitter handle does not say what it says. Why does Bill Schmalfeldt hate black people?

  4. Surely there is a “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up” file around here somewhere…

    “@WMSBroadcasting: Try to live by this rule. If you claim someone has done something bad, prove it. Or face the consequences and don’t bitch and moan about it.
    11/6/13 8:40 AM”

    “Rules To Live By” by CBBS. Yeah. I know… Just wow.

  5. I made the mistake of reading some of the neckless one’s legal “analysis.” Based on that alone, one could form the opinion that he is incredibly uneducated, not only in legal matters, but basic logic. Did he even graduate from high school?

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