7 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Hmmm. Still no donors complaining about how they didn’t get their money back. I guess Bill Schmalfeldt really did lie.

    Again. And again. And again. And again.

    • Yes, indeed. Why, just last week he tweeted that he was switching back to old time radio wmsradionews1943 because market testing (ROFLMAO) showed that was the most successful format. That lasted two days, then he was back to commentary, which he had said he couldn’t do any more, or even per-record, because of his alleged voice problems. Someone who lies as consistently as he does has to lie to himself, too – he ends up believing his own lies.

  2. Cabin Boy says “Hoge can either prove I lied, or he can dry up and blow himself away. The only reason he isn’t facing charges NOW is because BK gets dibs.”
    So Cabin Boy is coordinating lawsuits with Kimberlin? Did Kimberlin order him not to file a lawsuit (for what is not clear, but the Cabin Boy rarely makes any sense) so Kimberlin would have “dibs”? And how does that exactly work? Does the Maryland court system only work on one case at a time? First come, first sued? Does the Cabin Boy even know what he is talking about or are the voices in his head guiding him?

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