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I’ve been looking over The Dread Pirate Kimbelin’s copyright lawsuit against Kimberlin Unmasked. IANAL, but I’ve been involved in intellectual property disputes before. I own a music publishing company. I own other copyrighted works. I own trademarks and service marks. I’m a co-inventor on a patent.

I’m aware of what one has to assert in order to make a claim of infringement.

Based on my previous experience, I expect that TDPK’s suit will not survive a motion to dismiss. It will be interesting to see which of the several defects in the complaint will be the reason the judge cites for the dismissal.

4 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Its too bad we can’t list the defects and use that as a basis for the pool on this one. Could we arbitrarily enumerate the defects without naming in order to establish the pool and hold the revelation of the name until after the decision? That gives us the suspense of the pool plus the looming revelation of the defect, plus you can add new defect numbers to the list as they are discovered or as TDPK actions create new defect opportunities. win-win.

    PS: watch for CBBS to use the word “enumerate” in coming days. It’s shiny.

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