Prevarication Du Jour

WMS20131031157ZBill Schmalfeldt has, of course, guessed wrong. He is making an assertion without offering any evidence. It is not my obligation to disprove his fantasy. He said that I committed a particular act with no evidence to support his story. He is on the hook to prove he isn’t lying.

He can’t. But let’s pretend for a moment that he can. OK, for every unrefunded donation to Tetyana’s Fund (other than mine) that Schmalfeldt can prove, I will refund that donation and match it ten-for-one with a donation to the National Parkinson Foundation.

It’s time for the Cabin Boy to put up or shut up.

UPDATE—The Cabin Boy says that he will stick by his story.WMS201311032001ZFine. He may do so, but the Gentle Reader is also free to take notice of the fact that he offers no evidence to support his story.

So I will leave it at this. Bill Schmalfeldt, who has a long history of making unsupported false accusations, has made another accusation completely unsupported by any evidence. I, on the other hand, have published what I can without breaching the confidentiality promised to donors. People will believe what they will.

I seriously doubt that any responsible person who honestly weighs the evidence will believe a proven liar like Bill Schmalfeldt.

UPDATE 2—I’ve decided that Stacy McCain and Ken White are right. The Cabin Boy is a deranged cyberstalker and a demented freak.

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  1. “No matter how many times you dig a worm out of the cool ground and put him on a hot sidewalk,, he won’t understand. He’ll just crawl back to the dirt.
    Stick him on a hook and he’ll lead you to to a big fish.”

    -Aesop the Pescadero- 😉

  2. “It is not my obligation to disprove his fantasy.” <– This.

    Schmalfeldt behaves like a monkey on meth — psychotically flinging his poo in the hope some of it will stick. The deranged, sick freak lives in some alternate universe of his own making believing others have some responsibility to either assist him in perpetuating his lies, or prove his cray-cray wrong. Dishonest as the day is long… and, then some.

    Question for CBBS: When did you stop beating your wife? We want it all, Bill. *eyeroll*

    • Are you referring to the skeezy criminal? The man who was found to be in violation of Maryland’s criminal harassment law? He beats his wife?

      • Who knows for sure? Schmalfeldt could provide a detailed spreadsheet of all the dates and times he beat his wife (or, didn’t) with clear proof of when he stopped (or, never started).

        This is how it works in the World-According-to-Bill-Schmalfeldt, right? Assume someone has done something bad and unlawful (or, if you’re Bill Schmalfeldt, just outright ACCUSE them of as much while posting the accusations on the interwebz), and then sit back and insist they have to prove otherwise.

        See: “Schmalfeldt’s Guidelines for ‘Ethical’ Journamalism: The Lack of Principles Behind Poo-Flinging”

  3. “It is not my obligation to disprove his fantasy.”

    Neither is it his obligation to disprove that he’s stopped cyber-stalking and cyber-harassing his wife. Not that I’m saying Schmalfeldt ever did, of course.

    I’m also not saying in any way. shape, or form that Schmalfeldt ever did, or ever stopped, butt-raping baby goats in the Petting Zoo in front of the mothers and children present, photographs of such to the contrary. Just to be clear.

    • That mother-Fkr. NOW IT’S ON!

      There are some things you don’t do. Raping goats is one of them. And baby goats, no less. Bill, you better start talking, and you better start talking RIGHT NOW. You know, we all knew you were sick, but is there no limit to your depravity? Is there no limit?

      This is NOT over. I will get answers from you. I want to know what you did to those baby goats and how many there were. And don’t be surprised if the ASPCA hears about this.

      Do you want to lose your dogs over this? Do you want to lose your fake journalism license, Bill? Is it worth tainting all those fake journalism awards posted on your trailer wall?

    • OK, folks! Let’s clean this up a bit. Just because the Cabin Boy is a rather foul creature, this blog doesn’t have to lose it’s family friendly rating.

    • i’m not his “wife”, i’m his “EX-WIFE”, and with good reason.

      just thought i’d throw that out there.

      carry on, please.

  4. OMG. Spanky just changed his twitter handle again and started his THIRD blog in a week or so. This must be some kind of record. I should have joined the pool.

    • P.S. CBBS has the attention span of a gnat. It is abundantly clear why he never went to college. I’m surprised he finished high school. Hey, wait a minute …DID he finish???

      • He has deleted his racist Twitter handle and has a new one. His behavior suggest a deranged cyberstalking freak.

      • Well, Brett Kimberlin did, allegedly, directly call both Ali Akbar, and his estranged wife’s boyfriend, “f#cking n@gger[s]!,” It only makes sense that Bill refers to “darkies.” Birds of a feather…

  5. Bill Schmalfeldt is an adjudicated harasser. He lies every day about criminal charges against him, charges to which HE ADMITTED GUILT IN AN AN EMAIL TO THE STATE’S ATTORNEY. An email that he then posted on Twitter for everyone to see. The SA fell for BS’s sob story once. He may not do so again.

  6. I would like to take up the challenge that Bill Schmalfeldt apparently posted on twitter:

    “Someone needs to teach John Hoge how to read. He called me a liar without saying what I lied about. He said it was a provable lie. Well?”

    First, Bill needs a remedial lesson on what constitutes “lying.”

    Below are two statements:

    “I believe Mark Singer’s written account that an FBI agent approached him and told him that Brett Kimberlin had reported to the FBI both that a Texas couple had murdered Julia Schyphers and that the murder weapon was buried on the couple’s property. I believe that only the murderer, or an accomplice, could have known of the chain of custody of the murder weapon. Therefore, I believe that what Mark Singer was hinting at is true.”

    “[ Above replacing the last sentence with] Therefore, I know for a fact that Brett Kimberlin had Julia Schyphers murdered.”

    The first statement is a statement of belief. It is not a “lie” because it is sincere, I actually do believe that this is what the evidence suggests, and, it accurately labels subjective beliefs as beliefs.

    The second statement is a lie because asserts a level of certainty about the evidence that simply isn’t justified. I have no reason to believe that Mark Singer falsified the entire account, but, it is remotely possible. I have no reason to believe that someone falsified a quote allegedly from Citizen K, and, no one here disputed the accuracy of that quote, but, it is remotely possible. I have no reason to believe that the person who approached Sanger off the record was anything other than an FBI agent fully aware of the case, but, it is remotely possible. I have no reason to believe that the murderer, or accomplish, [presumably the Texas couple] told Brett Kimberlin about what they had just done and where the weapon was hidden, but, it is remotely possible. And, I have no reason to believe that a couple in Texas would murder someone in Indiana and chose to take the weapon back to their property in Texas, but, it is remotely possible.

    I have to stress that if the FBI came forward tomorrow with the records of Brett Kimberlin’s accusations against the Texas couple it still would have been a lie for me to have stated that I knew it for a fact yesterday. Presenting speculation as fact is lying, even if the underlying speculation happens to be true. So, Bill, since you did state as fact that John Hoge “pocketed” $3,000, when it was merely your subjective belief, you did lie. QED.

    That is, unless, you can produce definitive evidence that John Hoge “pocketed” $3,000. Asking for more alleged “evidence” is a cop-out. If you already know something to certainly be true then you must have all the evidence necessary to back up that conclusion. If you know for a fact that John Hoge had “pocketed” $3,000 you would have reported it to the police. It is your duty as a citizen of Maryland to report every felony of which you are aware. You have no duty as citizen of Maryland to report a hunch that some has committed a felony. Well, Bill, have you filed a police report? If so, where is it? Produce copies!

    • Oh…he can’t. Because if he did, then he could be charged with filing a false police report. And subsequently charged with further harassment.

      • Well, if what he said wasn’t a lie he could file a police report with absolute impunity. Of course, if he did lie he could face consequences for lying to the police.

        Bill Schmalfeldt’s actions speak louder than words. Even Bill Schmalfeldt knows Bill Schmalfeldt has lied.

  7. And if Bill’s is true, then why doesn’t anyone who sent a donation comment on these threads to say “Yeah, I got ripped off!” The absence of any victims actually proves that the accusation is bunk. Well, that and the fact that Bill says crazy things.

    • Is Bill accounting for all the funds he is helping raise for Roger Shuler? Is he pocketing the money? “I WANT IT ALL, BILL!” By the way, “who is Jerry Fletcher?”

    • Yeah. What is Bill doing with the money “allegedly” being raised for Roger Shuler?

      And WTF did he do to those baby goats?

  8. If, when you say “assisting,” by that you mean “butt-raping;” since by Schmalfeldt’s own admission thru the Daily Kos article, he is well acquainted in the art of “assisting” women. QED.

    The baby goats and alleged photographs notwithstanding, of course . . .

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