I Thought They Were Pro-Choice

The Democrats that is. I’m over 65 and on Medicare, but Mrs. Hoge is still in her 50s. She would like to be free to choose what her health insurance covers. She isn’t interested in buying either maternity or abortion coverage. She isn’t interested in having lactation or fertility coverage. She doesn’t want Viagra. But she isn’t free to take those choices. The Democrats insist that she buy coverage for all these things as part of Obamacare. And it is the Democrats doing the insisting. Obamacare passed without a single Republican vote.

Fortunately, Mrs. Hoge is covered by a group health plan that will survive past the first of the year, but millions of other people are finding out that they won’t be able to keep the health plan they liked. They’re also beginning to find out that the Administration has known for years that the regulations it intended to impose would have that effect. The mainstream media is even beginning to talk about that fact.

As more folks wise up, it may be for some Democrats in Congress that “If you like your job, you can keep it” may be just another empty promise.

4 thoughts on “I Thought They Were Pro-Choice

  1. Maybe we could FedEx 1 lb boxes of assorted animal manures to Congress, President and Administration officials with a little note saying “If you like it, you can keep it.’

  2. Of course they are Pro-Choice, where that term is defined as “Pro-Submission the Will and Judgment of Your Betters” but that’s really kind of a mouthful to lug around all the time.

  3. If one looks at all the extra good for you mandated coverage, it seems to be skewed towards a single gender, no?

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