9 thoughts on “Another Look Out My Front Door

  1. The flaming red bush (tree, shrub, etc) to the left of the photo – what is that? that would bring some much needed color to my tame neighborhood…

      • Do you find it hard to care for? I have a huge (16-10 foot tall, 10 foot across) Japanese Maple that came with the house we bought, and frankly I have no idea if I’m taking care of it properly. It’s gorgeous in the spring when it’s purple, green from about Aug-Oct, then a wonderful purple again until the leaves fall off.
        I figure it’s been here for years (neighbors tell me so, over a decade, longer probably) so I probably can’t do any harm to it. Others tell me to keep an eye out because they can be finicky.

        • It was planted about 50 years ago. We’ve been in the house for almost 20 years, and the Japanese maple has never required any special attention.

  2. Japanese maples, if planted in a location they like, require no special care.

    My experience is that some varieties do not care for full sun, nor for hot or dry climates.

    Consult with your nurseryman, as these can be marvelous accent trees.

    I have one in my front yard, planted about ten years ago, that is a brilliant, flaming orange every fall. Gorgeous!

    Large ones, as Hoge has, can become quite valuable for transplanting.

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