Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

In today’s thrilling episode of The Saga of The Dread Pirate Kimberlin we will take a look at another of the blatant factual errors in the amended complaint of his frivolous and vexatious Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit. In the second paragraph numbered 104 …

“Hold it!” I hear the Gentle Reader cry. “What do you mean ‘the second paragraph numbered 104’?”

Well, when he got finished with paragraph 114, TDPK reset his numbering so that the next paragraph is 103. There are duplicate paragraphs 103 through 109.

As I was saying, in the second paragraph numbered 104 TDPK says that Aaron Walker, Stacy McCain, Ali Akbar, and I have stalked him.AmendedBKvAW104

I believe that I have been with Aaron Walker every time that Aaron Walker knowingly has been near Brett Kimberlin since 5 July, 2012, except for once. All those times, we were in a courthouse attending a hearing or trial or entering or leaving the courthouse. The one exception was when Brett Kimberlin approached Mrs. Walker in the parking lot of the Howard County District Courthouse on 1 March, 2013.

I believe that I was with Stacy McCain the only two times that he knowingly was near Brett Kimberlin. The first instance was at a courthouse in Manassas, Virginia, on 5 December, 2012. The second was on 29 July, 2013 at a District Courthouse in Montgomery County, Maryland.

I believe that I was with Ali Akbar the only time he knowingly was near Brett Kimberlin. That was one 29 July, 2013, along with Stacy McCain.

I have knowingly been near Brett Kimberlin three times when Aaron Worthing was not present. All three times were in or near courthouses. The first was on 8 March, 2013. I was waiting in the parking lot of the Howard County District Courthouse for Aaron Walker when TDPK drove through the parking lot obviously looking for something or someone. I videoed him when he returned for another cruise through the lot about a half-hour after his first attempt. The second was on 12 August, 2013, during a trial in which he called me as a witness. The third was when accompanied Bill Schmalfeldt to a motions hearing related to a peace order on 16 October.

None of these constitute approaching, much less pursuing, TDPK. Often, he arrived at a courthouse well after we did. In effect, he was approaching us. And the idea that he was fearful of being assaulted by us … yeah, right. In a courthouse. Full of bailiffs and cops and deputies and state troopers. Uh, huh.

Oh, and the Gentle Reader will please note the use of the word knowingly. It turns out there is evidence the TDPK has approached all of the individuals name in second paragraph 104 in ways that might run afoul of Maryland’s stalking law, but that is a matter for my lawyer to deal with.


4 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I notice that TDPK refers to “Walker, Hoge, Ali and McCain.” Does he reference Mr. Akbar throughout the document using his first name? And is that proper reference?

  2. Oh noes Mr. Hoge (heh a rhyme), don’t you see you’ve admitted to being the ring-leader. You’re gonna do federal time now!!!eleven!!


    Must I Mother?





  3. What is the impact, if any, to the validity of the complaint when there are duplicate numbered paragraphs? ( We deny allegations is Paragraph 104…no not that one, the other paragraph 104). Could get confusing for the courts.

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