Prevarication Du Jour

Bill Schmalfeldt has been referring to Roger Shuler as an “attorney.” For example, here is the opening paragraph of a story he posted at Patriot-Ombudsman (No, I won’t link to it.):P-O20131025a A check of the Alabama State Bar online directory does not show anyone with that name licensed to practice law in that state. Shuler’s bio does not claim that he has a law degree.

Perhaps our crack “journalist” has Roger Shuler confused with the “lawyer” RogerS who has been dispensing advice at Breitbart Unmasked.

15 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. BS is unethical. In his Digital Journal piece, which also appears on his blog, he writes about himself in the third person and states as fact what is mere speculation. In other words, he writes about himself as if he is another person, without disclosing it to the reader.

    • Someone should drop a note to the editors at DJ. They might like to know a proud member of the SPJ is violating the ethical codes.

  2. The evidence is:

    1. One is named Roger Shuler, the other goes by RogerS.

    2. Both are fans of Brett Kimberlin.

    3. Both have an unusually awful grasp of federal civil procedure. I’m not just talking about not knowing it; most people don’t know it. I mean that both think they know it but are really, really wrong. More specifically, both have really bizarre ideas about removal jurisdiction.

    Not conclusive evidence, but worth considering.

  3. FWIW, BS, who knows of and apparently reveres the extensive martyrdom of Roger Shuler, did declare, on the RogerS thread on BUnmasked “I know Roger S., the initial commenter. I know his background. I know his legal bona fides.” Poor Bill.

  4. Another clue that at least Bill Schmalfeldt believes Roger S and Roger Shuler to be one and the same person:

    “Bill Schmalfeldt on September 18, 2013 at 4:45 pm said:

    Oh, have I mentioned that Roger S. is one of two very cool people who live in Alabama?

    Everyone should read his latest. A very ‘stiff’ portrayal of a Federal Judge.”

    And if they are, Roger Shuler is in a land of make-believe: for in that same thread Roger S does state very plainly, ” I am a lawyer” and “I have represented many defamation clients in my 30 years”. He purports to have an office with other lawyers in it who will talk to him.

    • If you read the appellate court opinion, Shuler is indeed in the land of make-believe. His behavior looks to be beyond the ordinary crazy of Cabin Boy and the rest of the BK Crime Family. Shuler looks in need of actual psychiatric care.

      • True. That said, Bill Schmalfeldt has erred once or twice before, and perhaps Roger S. just never bothered to correct him.

      • On the other hand, though, Schmalfeldt was in contact with Shuler, at least through the LS blog and email, in early September if not before. They encourage each other in a Folie à deux about Rove and Ali.

      • That would be Sep of 2012. Bill seems to first make an appearance on the blog in Feb 2012, although it seems LS was at least aware of who Bill was before then.

  5. Simple question. Has “Roger S” from the same IP address posted anything further during the time Schuler is in prison?

    • Oh, I’m sure that can be spoofed. The real question is whether the spoofer can duplicate the keen legal acumen that RogerS exhibits! Most people can write from a sane perspective. Writing from Roger Schuler’s perspective is tad bit more difficult.

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