Thanks for the Links

A significant number of page views here at Hogewash! come from outside links. I’d like to thank those sites that have sent viewers this way during the past week. In addition to hits from search engines, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, Hogewash! has had visitors linked from:

The Other McCain
Legal Insurrection
Allergic to Bull
The Daley Gator
Kimberlin Unmasked
Patterico’s Pontifications
Dead Citizen’s Rights Society
The American Spectator
That Mr. G Guy
The Camp of the Saints
Batshit Crazy News
Roger Kimball
Evi L Bloggerlady
College Insurrection
Conservative Hideout 2.0
Tumbling My Life
Bob’s Blog
Rick’s Rants
Dead Republican Party (DeRP)
Regular Right Guy

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    • Wasn’t expecting that. It seems that when I tried to say how the link was broken, it instead replaced what I wrote with an entirely different link from what I wrote. Let me try again… *ahem* that spectator link doesn’t work because it goes s[ectat… just that one character is one key off.

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