Prevarication Du Jour

Like many conservatives on Twitter, I have a standby account to use in case my main account is sent to Twitmo (the Twitter gulag). My main account is @wjjhoge. The standby account is @hogewash. I didn’t set up the standby account until my main account came under attack by multiple spambots last September. I was hit with over 100,000 spam followers. Normally, that kind of surge in followers will trip an automatic account suspension, and, if that doesn’t work, whoever has control of the accounts can begin spam blocking which certainly will result in a suspension.

Bill Schmalfeldt has discovered the @hogewash account and, since everything must revolve around him and can’t have any other explanation, he has determined that its existence proves that I’m trying to trick him into violating the peace order issued against him. This was posted over at Patriot-Ombudsman (No, I won’t link to it.).P-O20131023

Let’s examine the false claims in that paragraph; let’s take them in reverse order. The Cabin Boy still is insisting—despite what Twitter’s Rules and Best Practices say, despite what Judge Stansfield ruled (and he patiently explained his ruling to Schmalfeldt), and despite the Court of Appeals refusing to review Judge Stansfield’s ruling—that what he has been doing doesn’t violate the Maryland harassment law and, therefore, the peace order.

Next, consider his assertion that I have asked my “pals” to taunt him on Twitter with the intention of suckering him in to violating the peace order. I have made no such request. He’s simply making that up. No one has to trick him into violating the order. He does it of his own accord.

BTW, here’s the alleged attempt to trick him.P-O20131023a

Notice hogewash is highlighted. Not @hogewash, but hogewash. It appears to have been used as a search term. Neither of the posts mention “Bill Shmalfeldt” or any of his Twitter handles. He seems to have been searching for tweets about me or this blog. Perhaps Stacy McCain is right to call him a deranged cyberstalker.

I have no idea why army_vet put @hogewash in his tweet. Perhaps he was thinking of this blog and made a typo. Whatever. All the Cabin Boy had to do to avoid being “tricked,” was to keep his nose out of other peoples’ business.

Finally, I wish to specifically deny again that I have any particular desire for Bill Schmalfeldt to be sent to jail. What I want is for him to leave me alone. Now, if he won’t, that may have serious consequences, one of which could be jail. OTOH, I don’t necessarily believe that jail would be appropriate. There are other alternatives.

5 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Oh, my, another violation of the SPJ code! Unsubstantiated accusations! No effort to talk to the tweeters to get their story! Lying about his criminal violation of the harassment statute!

  2. Actually I meant to mention @wjjhoge. Twitter shows a list of suggestions when you add the @ in a tweet. Since I was thinking I should sent the tweet to Hoge, I must have typed in @hoge to start. If anyone follows Mr. Hoge and tries that you will see the first entry in the suggested list is @hogewash and the account name of W. J. J. Hoge. Simple mistake to make (his main account is WJJ Hoge) but according to the Cabin Boy I must have been trying to trick him….by NOT sending him a tweet. A more stupid man I’ve rarely met. If he kept his nose out of other peoples conversations he’d find less drama in his life.

    • As I mentioned to John on Twitter, I evidently was a recipient of your tweet and, heck, I didn’t even notice the @hogewash handle until I caught wind that CBBS was bellyaching and screeching about being twicked by rascawy twicksters.

      Your last point says it all.

      • I didn’t notice the @hogwash either until Bill starting his lunatic ranting about it. I had to go back and look since I’ve never used that Twitter address before in a Tweet.

  3. If I were his caretaker, and he were utterly dependent on my care, I wouldn’t let him near twitter for love or money.

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