You Keep Using That Word …

… I do not think it means what you think it means. The header for BIG BROTHER, Bill Schmalfeldt’s latest Twitter handle, proclaims, “IGNORANCE IS STUPID.” (Have you noticed how often the Cabin Boy’s caps lock gets stuck?)

Ignorance is a lack of knowledge or information.

Stupidity is the quality of being unintelligent.

Ignorance usually responds to a dose of education, at least in the case of individuals of normal intelligence. Stupid, OTOH, is usually a permanent state.

I suppose it could be that ignorance is a consequence of the Cabin Boy’s natural condition. Stuck caps lock and stuck on stupid … it would explain a lot. Perhaps a diminished mental capacity defense will save him in the end.

We’ll see.

11 thoughts on “You Keep Using That Word …

  1. “BIG BROTHER ‏@LobotomyRadio 4h
    BILL SCHMALFELDT is done dealing with idiots, and will henceforth concentrate on growing his business. New Name, Same Account.”

    This promise lasted about 2 hours.

    • BS thinks that he’s setting himself up to sue everyone else who is calling him on his relentless cyberstalking. His “please retract” crap is transparent. This, of course, just a couple of days after his defamatory tirade against Lee Stranahan.

    • And just 3 or so days ago, he was going to give up talking on the radio (again) because PD (again)! How many times has he pulled that old card out of the deck?

  2. I don’t tweet, but Ali has asked if Bill’s wife is his caretaker. According to Bill, yes. He has stated that she is unable to find full-time employment because he requires round-the-clock care. Maybe a tweeter can pass this info along.

      • Good heavens, he’s retweeting himself in the same tweet. It’s like watching “The China Syndrome.” Meltdown! Meltdown!

      • This guy is a couple of fries short of a happy meal. He is claiming that tweets that are not directed at him, tweets that he looks for by running searches using his name, are attempts to trap him into violating the PO. Oh, is this the same PO that he violated last Wednesday, immediately after the motions hearing? The one that he has repeatedly violated by tweeting @bombersues, after you expressly stated that was one of your accounts? How many violations is that? 30? 40? And the deluded paranoiac thinks you need to trick him? How have you and your wife endured this lunatic?

  3. I thought Bill was “dying”? I thought his life was flashing before his eyes? I thought his life was a misery, an endless torment?

    “BIG BROTHER ‏@LobotomyRadio 29m
    @antvq16 @/hogewash @bet0001970 I’m happy as a clam. I’m not facing any charges, WON’T be facing any charges, LEAST of all RICO charges.”

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