Prevarication Du Jour

LR201310181418ZThat’s a barefaced lie. Bill Schmalfeldt has accused Lee Stranahan of multiple crimes, and he continues to do so.LR201310210049Z

Pimping is illegal. So is child abuse. So is fraud. The Cabin Boy only quit filing complaints about Lee Stranahan when he ran out of agencies that would listen to him, but he still continues to make ridiculous accusations on the Internet.

I made this comment over at The Other McCain yesterday. It bears repeating.

I may actually be the least of Bill Schmalfeldt’s problems. Some of the stuff many of us believe he has done rises well above the level of misdemeanors. Some of it is federal.

It took eight months of patient effort from the time I first filed for a peace order until one was issued and now effectively upheld by the Court of Appeals. If the Cabin Boy thinks the last few months were stressful, he ain’t seen nothing yet. His time dealing with civil suits and likely criminal charges is just beginning.

He’s dug himself one helluva hole, and I’d say he was in it up to his neck—if he had one.


4 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. He changed his Twitter profile again. Wonder who won the pool.

    As for the Stranahans, he stated that they let their unborn child due to lack of care, which is a crime, and another lie.

  2. I see Cabin Boy is now claiming that his victories in bar fights came as he was in junior high. At least that is the only logical explanation. He stands by his posting about winning bar fights yet sticks to his story that his last fight was as sophomore in HS. But knowing Schmalfeldt’s intellectual level, as a sophomore he may have been 22 or 23 years old.

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