Another Faulty Service

The Cabin Boy has published the Certified Mail receipt from the alleged service of the Maryland Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit on Stacy McCain. The receipt proves that the service was not accomplished.LR201310240106ZThe explanation is simple. The Dread Pirate Kimberlin sent the mail to the wrong address.

Also, Maryland Rule 2-121 requires that service via mail be “by certified mail requesting: “Restricted Delivery — show to whom, date, address of delivery.” The Restricted Delivery box on Line 4 is not checked, so the letter carrier gave the mail to whomever would sign for it. The mail was signed for by someone named Ford, so it was not delivered to Stacy McCain.

One of the lawyers discussing Brett Kimberlin’s performance in the raft of frivolous suits he has filed against my codefendants and me used the phrase “amateur hour.”

Just so.

UPDATE—Stacy has more here.

5 thoughts on “Another Faulty Service

  1. I feel sorry for this “Ford” person, who is quite possibly going to be added as a target in the lawfare offensive, just for (presumably) living at McCain’s old address.

    • I doubt they will be added in any legal way, however given the Cabin Boy’s conduct in the past I’m sure he will harass the crap out of the poor woman.

  2. I refuse to believe that anyone can be as demonstrably obstinately stupid as CBBS in this episode. To adamantly demand “the story” and simultaneously insist that service has been given in the bald face of the fact that the receipt is not signed by the party of service. The only analogy I can think of is someone standing in the sun demanding to know why I have made it night.

    At the same time I can’t believe that CBBS is inscrutable enough to have some kind of plan to insist on the stupid long enough and hard enough that McCain or anybody who knows blurts out his home address just to make the hurting stop.

    I guess the ploy is aimed at the person that signed for the receipt and to either harass her enough to say where the mail is being forwarded or something along those lines.

    Now might a good time to fire up a new business: Hoge’s SuperGenius Mail Forwarding Service. Charge exhorbitant rates (on credit) to McCain and/or Ali and/or anyone else in the et al suit, or as one clever UICC termed it, Chumpsuit, in exchange for forwarding their mail to their undisclosed locations. Your address is already out. State in a service contract that all forwarding fees (exorbitant remember) are to be paid out of expenses awarded against Team Kimberlin. Win-win-chaching-win.

    • Right now, they are trying to trick McCain into divulging his whereabouts. They are doing that by lying, harassing him, and bothering innocent people. They are fighting a media war, as well. In the end, however, a judge will look at this and laugh. I am sure Osborne and deranged cyberstalker Schmalfeldt will then print retractions.

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