Well, I’ve Got Mine …

… for a while, at least, but you young whippersnappers can expect a big cut. Huff Po is reporting that the Democrats may be ready to go for future cuts in Social Security benefits (in 20 years or so after most of them are out of office) in order to keep the Ponzi scheme going into the 2080s.

3 thoughts on “Well, I’ve Got Mine …

  1. Yes, I never expect to collect a single dollar, and have so counseled my kids and my wife.

    Oh, I’ll live long enough, that’s not the problem – I’ll probably make it into my 90s, based on family history and medical advances. Mostly likely, Congress will continue raising the minimum retirement age, and/or they will add means testing, and that’s how I’ll be excluded.

    • If I collect anything, I’ll be seriously surprised. I sort of laugh when people talk about how they need to raise the age from 65, since as someone born in ’61, I won’t get full payments unless I wait to 67 to retire.

      Of course 65 was chosen back when not that many people made it much past 65. I think a modern equivalent, what with the increases in longevity and health, certainly be at least 70.

      Between lack of SS and what the current administration is doing to the economy, I’ve been assuming that I’d be working until I dropped dead, or at least until we could move in with one of the kids in return for babysitting, light housekeeping, etc.

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