Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

LR201310201914ZWell, in the case the Cabin Boy is half right. I never had any serious doubts about Schmalfedlt’s appeal of the peace order failing. I did consider the possibility that the Court of Appeals would take the case in order to settle some point of law, but I never had any doubt about the order being upheld.

I would once again like to publicly thank my lawyer Zoa Barnes for her help with the case.

UPDATE—Here’s my summary comment on Schmalfeldt’s appeal—

8 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Sad that he had to disparage Zoa. It was obvious she was prepared and knew the law unlike the Cabin Boy. That he lashes out at her shows that he is still living in his fantasy world where a trained lawyer with years of experience is inferior to him.

    • If I were Zoa Barnes, I would have legally refitted Bill with a new bunghole the size of the Grand Canyon. But…that’s just me. Clearly Ms. Barnes has much more patience than I do. However, I seriously doubt that any attorney’s patience is infinite.

  2. There are two things I am curious about, going in to the future.

    1) Are you going to be able get the PO extended as Cabin Boy doesn’t seem to be able to stop and just follow the PO.

    2) Are you going to pursue the many violations of the PO that Cabin Boy has made willingly when he was under the delusion that the PO would eventually be dismissed.

    I guess I have a third question as well.

    3) Also are the any sanctions to collect on now that the case is completely a done deal? Are there any that you feel should be collected on.

    I’m sure the Cabin Boy is having a lot of sleepless nighst and/or plain old nightmares wondering when the other shoe will drop.

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