11 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. You know, CBBS did have one good idea – he had that so-called APB out on Ali. Maybe all of the bloggers who have been the target of NR should broadcast his name and picture every hour and ask for people to report to law enforcement if they’ve seen him.

  2. Neal always thinks there is a federal indictment just around the corner. Of course he’s never been right.

  3. Some very few weeks ago, like two or three, he was hinting that some b* had set him up. Said B* having “impersonated” him somehow when it was totally, like TOTALLY impossible that he could have been the bad actor in whatever criminal ,dodgy or otherwise implicating thing it was.

    HAHA said Neal, they fail. But I think they have him busted on something, so all he has left is squirming. So my answer would be “all of the above.”

  4. This isn’t to imply that everybit of that isn’t feverdreaming from a grandiose scheming paranoid. I just think he does feel that he’s in jep.

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