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Neal Rauhauser, who seems to have been filing in at @catsrimportant and @x3n0phon, is certainly showing signs of panicking with all the wacky stuff he keeps throwing out. For example, this:xeno201310201443Z

Now, I’m not sure who Xenophon (the Troll) thinks is my flock. If the troll is thinking of the folks who follow me on Twitter and WordPress, it’s true that there are some things that I haven’t shared with you. Here’s what I did for the past 24 hours.

Most of yesterday afternoon was spent working on the layout for a printed circuit board for a prototype microphone preamplifier that I am designing for a client. As you can see by scrolling down on the Home page, I did get a bit of blogging done. Saturday evening, I read a bit, tweeted a bit, did some paperwork related to one of Brett Kimberlin’s frivolous and vexatious lawsuits, and, at 11 pm, I was on Becca Lower‘s Internet talk show with Aaron Walker. And so to bed.

I got up around 6 this morning and did a little blogging as well as preparation for church. I don’t have any pastoral responsibilities at church for now (so, strictly speaking, that isn’t “my flock”), but I did preside at communion. After church, I came home and found @x3n0ph0n’s nonsense in my Interactions on Twitter.

And that’s the last 24 hours, more or less. Yes, I do have a life in the real world off the Internet.

Team Kimberlin is entering a downward spiral. The recently filed lawsuits are poorly drawn attempts to intimidate their perceived enemies. The overreach is mind-boggling. The flailing attempts to find something, anything, with PR traction are a clear sign of fear that the tide has really turned. It has. So a deadbeat dad (who is hiding from arrest warrants) is throwing out all kinds of baseless nonsense, innuendos, and flat-out lies to a group of followers so small that he doesn’t have to take off both shoes to count them.

And he can’t even be sure that they really believe him.

UPDATE—Stacy McCain has something to say about Neal Rauhauser here.

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  1. Who could have predicted that NR and BS would not get along? Or have heard about it?

    Can’t have two people driving a ship.

    Also, do you suppose NR has heard of Rule 11, and how his boasting about fueling BKs research will make him subject to subpoena on a Rule 11 hearing?

    • Bill is trying alternately to both distance himself and crow about his insider status. The former because he fears being drawn into the proceedings, which is a given if the suit is not dismissed before discovery, the latter because of his emotional insecurities and desperate desire to be relevant.

      • I think they also assume that some of them are not under legal, professional surveillance, as opposed to what they do in court rooms and parking lots. I hope someone notified the police around Blogbash that they were being stalked and photographed in their police cars.

  2. Good heavens, man, have you no shame? A circuit board?! And you are admitting to that publicly? I knew you were too good to be true.

    Put out a Twitter APB on Neal. After all, should the suits progress as Team Kimberlin hopes for, he will need to be deposed, as will Bill.

  3. Finding NR is one thing, but BK has more reason to sweat. There’s still lots of unfinished business back in Speedway. Serious unfinished business.

    It’s both mindboggling and telling that someone with BK’s history, with all those skeletons in his closet (that we know about), would think engaging in aggressive “lawfare” this way is a smart thing to do.

  4. “he doesn’t have to take off both shoes to count them.” Which is not without its compensations, for Neal.

  5. Keep screencapping his libelous tweets and blog posts.
    BS today (and I’m not agreeing with the analysis, just saying that this is how he sees things):

    “Now, the defendants could walk away from this in one of two ways.
    1. PROVE the Kimberlin either committed the swattings or caused them to be committed. Or;
    2. Prove you did not CLAIM as a statement of fact that Kimberlin either committed the swattings or caused them to be committed.”

    BS today: “The RICO Racketeers continue to rail against me. In the meanwhile, I write.”

    Oops. BS has stated, as fact, that the defendants are “RICO Racketeers.”

    That’s a “crime.”

    • I think that what boggles my mind is not BS’s incredible ignorance and hot air, but the fact that he is oblivious to both. Really, the guy: (1) sits at home all day and pretends that reprinting AP stories is “reporting”; (2) claims that he’s a disinterested third party while referring to himself as “we” when talking about Kimberlin and advocating for Kimberlin’s success (hello, deposition, anyone?); (3) has a HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION. He knows less about the law than a first semester law student, yet he has the arrogance to lecture other lawyers, including judges, about how a case is going to turn out?

      Silly, deluded BS. If he wants to stay locked up in that comfy mobile home, he’d better hope the suit is dismissed, and early. I suspect if it isn’t, many of the defendants will add him to the suit. Statements like, “WE found Ali!” sure make it seem like he is part of, oh, I don’t know, a Team. And with 20 named defendants, and BS added to the suit, that means they each get to depose him for at least 7.5 hours. Apiece. Now, I am not an engineer, but 20 x 7.5 = 150 hours.

      • And he would have to travel to them. If Stranahan wanted to depose him, he would need to go to Dallas. I’m sure Bill is REAL happy with all his We and Us verbiage. He has been tweeting a lot the last few days about how he has nothing to do with this. Let’s see how that works out for him.

    • Actually it is not for the defendants to prove either #1 or #2 above. The burden is on Kimberlin to prove the opposite. As such I strongly suspect this case will ultimately be dismissed under FRCP 12(b)(6) Failure to state a claim on which relief can be granted. It’s a little known corner of law of which Kimberlin seems blithely ignorant. He has already used his one free opportunity to amend, he has to get permission from the court to do it again. If he is unsuccessful in raising a proper case at that point it will get thrown out. Additionally, the First Amendment can be raised as a successful defense to a lawsuit such as this. Finally, the rate of pro se litigants bringing successful federal RICO cases is so low as to be laughable. On it’s face the lawsuit appears to be exactly what everyone here believes . . . . an opportunity to be used as leverage to compel discovery of a hidden plaintiff or to intimidate in the hopes of causing one or more plaintiffs to turn on each other out of fear.

      • Good thing neither Bill “Perry Mason” Schmalfeldt and his “very good friend” BK aren’t listening to you. By the way, earlier in the summer, BS also called BK a good friend. Then, during one of the times that he was shedding his on line persona like a snake skin, he reversed course and said BK was just some guy he’d met once. That type of behavior would make me wonder how much heat it would take for BS to throw me over. If I were BK, that is.

      • I was more partial to proceeding with Rule 12(e) a “Motion for a More Definite Statement.” Kimberlin’s filing is a series of sleazy innuendos that hint at, but do not overtly claim, actionable and/or criminal conduct. Kimberlin’s filed the lawsuit under the assumption that it would be dismissed “on a technicality,” such as FRCP 12(b)(6). Demanding a more definitive statement would require Kimberlin to walk back his sleazy innuendos or expose himself to sanctions.

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  7. You know, I may be wrong. This may be the case that opens up new vistas in the area of First Amendment Law. Could it be that inferring, imputing and implying will become legally actionable? If BK wins, then everyone can sue BS for imputing, inferring and implying that they are pornographers, pimps, alcoholics, prostitutes, child abusers, wife abusers, fraudsters, poor at their jobs, etc., etc.

  8. I agree with SPQR 100% on this one. I’d be surprised if this doesn’t get thrown out. I don’t see it going to trial at all.

    • The real question is whether, or not, Brett Kimberlin is granted access to other people’s mail, or the identity of Ace of Spades, or Kimberlin unmasked.

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