Why Does Kathleen Sebelius Still Have a Job?

The WSJ has a good review of her department’s blanket refusal to offer an accounting of its failure to get the Obamacare exchanges up and running correctly. Eventually, Sebelius will have to come clean on how over half-a-billion dollars was spent on the dysfunctional web sites.

[P]erhaps she can also explain why the people who can’t build a working website also deserve the power to reorganize one-sixth of the U.S. economy.

Read the whole thing, and …

Let it burn.

6 thoughts on “Why Does Kathleen Sebelius Still Have a Job?

  1. She has a job because she isn’t making any of the decisions, the White House is, she’s a figurehead. She won’t testify to Congress because the White House has gotten away for five years with lying to Congress and feels no need to stop now.

  2. Obamacare has two purposes. The first is to get us to single payer, ie. full socialized medicine like Britain’s NHS. It doesn’t matter if Obamacare “works” or not as long as the end result is accomplished. Any pain caused along the way is irrelevant as long as it only happens to the right people. You know, Republicans, Tea Party types, etc.

    [This idea is not mine but I don’t remember where I read it to give proper credit.] The second purpose was to transfer wealth to political cronies and other favored individuals and groups. The contractors and lobbyists who worked on Obamacare and the Healthcare.gov site got paid very well so that purpose was spectacularly achieved.

    For anyone who thinks the second point is just cynicism, ask yourself this. If the site development contracts had been written like they are in the real world and the contractors only got paid if they delivered functional exchanges and website, would the result have been different?

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