Prevarication Du Jour

OsborneInk201310190040ZTetyana Kimberlin shows no signs of being mentally ill, and Matt Osborne was not present when she joined Ali Akbar, Stacy McCain, Aaron Walker, my son William, and me for lunch following one of the Kimberlin v. Kimberlin hearings in July. As an eyewitness, I can say that at no time during that lunch did Stacy McCain “make a pass at” Mrs. Kimberlin. Indeed, he spent most of the time with his face glued to his laptop writing a blog post about the morning’s events.

So the answer to Osborne’s question is “No!” and Osborne knows that to be the case. He’s simply spreading the lie developed by Team Kimberlin to smear a couple of The Dread Pirate Kimberlin’s opponents.

Oh, and notice how Osborne responds to Stacy McCain—with snark rather than facts. That’s pretty much the standard response from Team Kimberlin when confronted with the truth.


UPDATE—Is it true that Matt Osborne’s MOS when he was in the Army was 57F? Or was it 57E?

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  1. The original VAWA was passed during the Clinton years. It was his way of buying a pass from NOW and other groups. The bill’s primary author? Joe Biden.

    Since that time, unsubstantiated claims of domestic violence have been the trump card of the divorce industry. Even in instances not related to divorce, the woman’s word is almost never questioned.

    Except in this case. The Kimberlin marriage may involve not only domestic violence (particularly psychological) but also the abuse of an underage person as well. I’ve read the documents on various sites. The most generous interpretation Mr. Kimberlin can expect is that there is a question that requires forensic examination of primary documents.

    And yet he and the supposed liberals around him don’t believe it. They wish to excuse a potential pederast. A certain murderer. And perhaps perpetrator of domestic violence. Because he is ‘on their team’.

    There are many good and honorable progressives. These ‘men’ are not among their number.

    • I think it is an attempt to discredit and rattle McCain, along with many other baseless accusations. It’s simple psyops.

      • “It’s simple psyops.”

        Bingo. It’s like the way Schmalfeldt & Co. spent months — months — endlessly repeating their lie that I had not moved from Maryland, as the pretext of accusing me of “fraud” against tip-jar hitters. That, in turn, was an amplification of their baseless claim (included in the federal lawsuit) that Ali Akbar was committing “fraud” at the National Bloggers Club.

        I just bit my tongue until the day came when Schmalfeldt & Co. began jumping up and down like children on Christmas morning, claiming I had been “served” in Maryland.

        OK, fine — where’s the receipt of service?

        > crickets chirping <

        They were caught lying. And it’s the same thing now. Evidently, Kimberlin and/or Rauhauser are under encouraging them to believe that Tetyana will testify to the lies Kimberlin has included in his Maryland lawsuit.

        OK, fine — we’ll see.

        My expectation is that the suit will be dismissed — or Brett will drop it — long before it reaches such a stage. But in the meantime, in a misguided attempt to smear and/or frighten me, Kimberlin’s stooges are spreading this particular lie amongst themselves, cackliing to their little band of demented bomber fans.

        And it is indeed “psy-ops,” as you say. But just as when these monsters lied about my family, this is a lie I do not intend to forget, nor am I likely to forgive.

        They shall regret it but once, and that will be forever.

  2. “Is it true that Matt Osborne’s MOS when he was in the Army was 57F? Or was it 57E?”

    Oh the LULZ…

  3. Off topic, but BS just changed his radio thingamajig again. I believe his last iteration lasted 12 days, but it could have been 13. Maybe.

    • I, for one, am in awe at the timing of his symptoms and injuries. This past summer, during the “truce,” he retired for about ten days because of his voice. Then he came back and called anyone who questioned his return a “dumbass.” He could, he said, pre-record shows. Of course, he never explained why an experienced broadcaster like him hadn’t thought of that before. Now, after some mentioned that he might be joined in a counterclaim, which of course means depositions, his voice is a problem again. Strange disorder. I am assuming that it mysteriously prohibits him from using recording and editing software.

      • I figured it was going to be a very short period of time before Schmalfeldt was forced to change his Twitter/Radio handles, and then proceed to lie about the reasons, after I saw the following tweeted on 10/16/13:

        “@FTR__Radio: @antvq16 @stinkypants @RMNixonDeceased Please note that @FTRRadioNews is in NO way affiliated with us.”

        CBBS’S deceit and fail continues. SSDD.

  4. I think Kimberlin now realizes that his lawfare is being met with mockery instead of the abject fear he imagined. (Short man syndrome?) Hence he has dispatched his flying monkeys to harasses his targets. In the words of Schmalfeldt, you can smell the stench of their fear pee

    • Are these the same type of monkeys whose court performance is as effective as “fu**ing a football,” to quote BS?

      • That was probably the only sex he was getting. According to RS McCain, Mommy’s Little Basement Bomber™ literally does live in Mommy’s basement. You know, chicks really dig that living arrangement. Nothing screams wealth and success like your Mommy yelling down the stairs that your dinner is ready.

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