A Spelling Lesson

pussyriot_jtmpThe Russian feminist punk rock group spells their band’s name in Latin letters “Pussy Riot.” It’s occasionally transliterated into Cyrillic as “Пусси Райот.” The “spelling” shown above is from the Justice Through Music Project donation page exploiting the band’s legal troubles. One would think that The Dread Pirate Kimberlin, who is alleged to speak and read Russian, would know better.


5 thoughts on “A Spelling Lesson

  1. Некультурных действительно. В всеми возможными способами. Хороший кандидат на комиссара надзора за дезинфекционной заключенных.

  2. All donations of curse do not actually support the band, but go to the non-profit headed by the convicted bomber, serial pro se litigant and basement-dweller Brett Kimberlin.

    • And if they ever do anything to support Pussy Riot, it will be quite interesting to the Russian authorities, and might even complicate their situation.

      If you want to help them, go to Amnesty International. I’m not crazy about them, but at least they do try to support Pussy Riot.

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