The Law’s Delay

That’s one of the thing Hamlet complains about in his Act IV soliloquy. Alas, Gentle Reader, I suffer from it as well. Upon checking the Court of Appeals website this afternoon, I found that writs of certiorari had been granted in eight cases, but none of them are the Schmalfeldt v. Hoge appeal that the Cabin Boy filed on the peace order issued against him. The site doesn’t show in writ denials either, so the case is still in limbo.


6 thoughts on “The Law’s Delay

  1. But but but….the PO was supposed to be overturned today or yesterday. I have it on good authority….well…ok…so the Cabin Boy says so. He is even said it all in CAPS to show he really really meant it. Guess we can point and laugh at the Cabin Boy some more as he gets another one wrong.

    You would think he might finally tire of ACME law and try finding someone who really knows what they are doing. Of course the reason he is using ACME law is probably because every real lawyer he has talked to about it has turned down the case. Also his “Friends” have stopped picking up the tab leaving him high and dry. Despite all this Cabin Boy continues to talk about TDPK and the rest of Team Kimberlin in glowing terms.

    I won’t even get into the latest whopper he is throwing out there about being an “objective” journalist, all the while he is trying to hawk Team Kimberlin merchandise. SMH

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