It’s Not Exactly Fraud …

… but it looks kinda shady. The Dread Pirate Kimberlin’s “charity” Justice Through Music Project runs a website called pussyriotdefensefund dot org. Just looking at the name, it would not be unreasonable for someone to assume that the site was involved in raising funds to help with the legal defense for members of the Russian rock band that have been prosecuted.

Here’s the top of the site’s home page. (Click on the image to embiggen it.)pussyriotdefensefund_orgZooming in on the text show this:pussyriot_zoomSee, Gentle Reader, the site’s not really a fraud because it comes right out and tells you that the donations go to JTMP.

BTW, TDPK has filed a federal RICO accusing me of mail fraud and wire fraud because I asked you to donate to funds supporting other bloggers and because I am now one of the beneficiaries of a fund to defend against a frivolous and vexatious lawsuit from Kimberlin. If you believe that the BomberSuesBloggers fund is a scam, please don’t contribute. If you think that blogs such as Hogewash! should be able to publish about potential scams, even if they might be run by Brett Kimberlin, then please go over to the BomberSuesBloggers site and find out how you can help.

11 thoughts on “It’s Not Exactly Fraud …

  1. Speaking of JTMP, Xenophon says that Gillette shoots videos for JTMP. X also says:

    “Stranahan recently learned that Craig Gillette, an employee of the very-real JTMP, received a two-year federal sentence in 1999 for possession of a half-dozen images of nude females who appeared underage. They were on his computer in a cache of pornographic images and they were discovered when the drug flop where he lived got raided. Those pictures might just as well have been Stranahan’s own photography with childlike models, but in fact they were less disturbing than Stranahan’s ‘art.’”

    Question: how does Xenophon know what the images looked like? Is this an admission that he/she also viewed child porn?

    • One of the highly disturbing things about his comment by X is the false moral equivalency implied by X’s statement – that the nude images of the females “appeared” underage, so they were the same as the art photos Lee Stranahan took (not to mention the implication that Gillette was innocent). This is completely false. Authorities are well aware that there is a market out there for fake “child” porn, and they are trained to detect it. I have a friend whose job it was to do exactly that. If that “appeared underage” but aren’t argument had worked, Gillette wouldn’t have been convicted/pleaded guilty. Curiously, BS, self-proclaimed journalist and protector of children, has not written an article about Gillette’s conviction nor about Xenophon’s unusually intimate knowledge of the images at issue.

    • Again, a member of Team Kimberlin starts with the known facts, ie. Craig Gillette was convicted for child porn, and constructs the case most favorable to Team Kimberlin consistent with those facts and presents it as absolute truth. Team Kimberlin has zero respect for the truth. For all we know, the girls in question could have in fact been eight. There is simply no reason to believe the models were adults who “looked underage.”

      Claiming Stranahan photographed “childlike models” shows a fundamental lack of courage in Xenophon’s alleged convictions. Xenophon wants to claim Stranahan did something worse than Craig Gillette. Her defense of Gillette was that he merely viewed “childlike models.” In case she didn’t notice, Gillette was investigated, charged, prosecuted, tried, convicted, and sentenced to federal prison. Stranahan has been accused quite publicly by members of Team Kimberlin. He has never been arrested. He has never been tried. He has never been convicted. He has not been set to federal prison. Xenophon wants us to believe that her faith in the self-serving accounts of Craig Gillette should substitute for the outcome of legal process. If she wishes to claim Stranahan’s actions were worse than criminal she better have some evidence.

      What I find interesting is Xenophon’s willingness to implicate Craig Gillette in drug crime. Another shoe drops!

  2. One of his causes of actions was to accuse you and others of raising funds “in his name.” If his legal reasoning is correct, this seems to be a case of Brett Kimberlin raising funds “in the name of” Pussy Riot. In his own mind Brett Kimberlin believes that he has committed fraud. SInce he has soliticited those donations over the internet, and, offered a mail-in option, that would be both wire fraud and mail fraud, at least in Brett Kimberlin’s mind.

    The difference between the two cases is that the funds raised in to support legal actions against Brett Kimberlin were on the behalf of his victims, not Brett Kimberlin himself. Brett Kimberlin was not raising money for the victims of Pussy Riot. No one could plausibly claim that you raised money on the behalf of Brett Kimberlin. Anyone not reading the fine print could reasonably conclude that Brett Kimberlin was raising money on behalf of Pussy Riots. Even those reading the fine print would be left with the impression that Kimberlin was working indirectly on their behalf.

    O.J. Simpson should watch the outcome of this case carefully. If Brett Kimberlin’s legal reasoning is correct, O.J. Simpson should try to retrieve all the monies daytime cable networks made selling commercials during their all-OJ-all-the-time coverage since they were enriching themselves using “his name.”

  3. I find it interesting that Brett K has never personally authored or challenged anything written about him online or in print except court proceedings. I have never visited breitbartunmasked, so I am not sure if he has ever authored anything there. But I have never seen anything on Twitter under his name or anywhere else. He seems have many soldiers doing the slashing and burning for him. His lackeys may say that he prefers to let JTMP and his music speak for him, but you would think if he was so devastated and upset (and hurt financially) he would have been defending himself more vigorously on a public platform. Maybe he just wants his disturbed freaks to take the arrows while he avoids being caught telling any lies publicly that could come back to haunt him. Other than his lawsuits, for the most part, we have only heard second hand what he supposedly said about the issues.

    • Much of the original complaint (haven’t bothered to read the amended one) uses examples that have analogues to TDPK’s actions. Almost everything can in some way be related to things he or his band of merry dumbasses have done. It’s the most bald faced case of projection I’ve ever seen. Or perhaps it’s an example of the old political daw, “accuse your enemies of what you are doing”. In either case, you stemmed on the most interesting end result: Kimberlin thinks his current day actions are illegal or at least actionable.

  4. Question: how does Xenophon know what the images looked like? Is this an admission that he/she also viewed child porn?

    Yep. Also Gillette went to prison.

  5. Melissa Brewer’s @catsrimportant twitter page was hilariously revamped and the name she goes by is “Hard Candy” an .onion site with links to child porn. Upon information and belief, Melissa Brewer = Xenophon. She’s also a former prostitute, according to court records and articles.

    • If you go back a few days, you’ll see an announcement that a guest tweeter has taken over the account. Some have suggested it is NR. Given the new administrator’s fondness for pastebin ….

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