No Team Kimberlin, Huh?

One of the reasons that Brett Kimberlin is suing my codefendants and me for a million bucks is because we write of the existence of a group of people we call Team Kimberlin. It seems that The Dread Pirate Kimberlin believes the mere suggestion that he has influence over a band of Internet thugs is defamatory or libelous or constitutes mopery with intent to lurk. He would have you believe that there ain’t no such thing as Team Kimberlin.

AcmeLegalBriefsSomeone should tell Cafe Press and whoever is running Breitbart Unmasked these days.

And there’s no connection between TDPK and Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt other than the bond of friendship. It’s a coincidence that the Amazon shopping links at Breitbart Unmasked benefit parsbilswhohom-20 (aka Bill Schmalfeldt).

So Team Kimberlin must be a creation of the warped mind of the crazies in Team Lickspittle—just as the members of Team Kimberlin if you don’t believe it.

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