Bomber Sues Bloggers

ICYMI, convicted perjurer, drug smuggler, and bomber Brett Kimberlin is suing a group of five bloggers (including me) for a million bucks in a Maryland court. It’s a frivolous lawsuit, and I’m represented by a pro bono lawyer, but there are other expenses involved in defending a lawsuit—filing fees, depositions, transcripts, etc. My codefendants and I have set up website to explain how you can help us defend the First Amendment right to free speech and the Sixth Amendment right to legal counsel from this thug. It’s called BomberSuesBloggers. Go check it out to learn what you can do. You can donate money if you wish, but there are other ways to help as well.

Kimberlin is also suing a group of 20 organizations and individuals (including me) in a federal RICO suit. This suit alleges that I conspired with the likes of Glenn Beck, Lee Stranahan, and Simon & Schuster (yep, the book publisher) in a racketeering enterprise for the purpose of injuring Kimberlin. Of course, the suit is nonsense. I expect that it will be quickly dismissed, but any residual funds collected for the Maryland suit could be applied to expense related to the RICO case.

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  2. Injure him? How? It’s public record that he’s a perjurer, drug dealer, bomber, lousy singer, and that he hangs around with convicted sex offenders.

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