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  1. What an idiot, to disparage the judge because he followed the law not what BS imagind the law for him should be in that over-steamed bread-pudding that passes for a brain …

  2. You are forgetting to count all the tweets he blatantly and willfully sent to @BomberSues after you announced that was one of your accounts.

    • Yup. And be sure to tell the SA that failure by the state to enforce a lawful court order is a violation of your civil rights.

  3. That’s it! He-Who-Loses-Motions, Bill Schmalfeldt, just tweeted this:
    “I believe Mr. Hoge thinks the RICO charges are going to vanish because he’s Hogeman.”
    I’m gonna get you a t-shirt that says, “HOGEMAN!”

  4. What did you expect?

    Regrettably, you have made one huge mistake. But it can be rectified.

    Some people here are too polite to take the following seriously. Some might well be horrified. Such is the nature of war. And believe me you are at war.

    In civilized society, people play by a certain set of rules that society has agreed on. What do we do when some members of society decide that the rules do not apply to them? If they are violent, we demand and expect the state to punish them by the threat of incarceration. If they are not violent, a judge will give some sanction with a threat of further punishment if they do not comply.

    This crew has shown a singular mindset to not play by the rules of polite, civilized society. In fact, they flaunt the rules and dare the system to do something about it. The system, alas, has more important things to do, so they let it slide. Effectively, the system that is supposed to protect you has implicitly stated that you are de minimus.

    History has shown that the only thing a barbarian understands and responds to is barbarism. Similarly, the only thing a thug understands and responds to is thuggery.

    The trick is to not get caught.

      • First, I have no idea what you mean by “Moby”, although I can tell from context it is probably not a compliment.

        Second, I am completely sincere in my comments above. You may or may not choose to believe it or not, but I firmly believe the scum that is “Team Kimberlin” has effectively forfeited any claim to a place in polite society.

        This is demonstrated by their belief that others have to obey the law, yet they are immune to the same rules of behavior. Witness, if you will, the result from the hearing and the actions of a certain “BS artist”. He refuses to “play nice”. He relies on the code of civilized people that they will continue to “play nice” and not stoop to his level.

        The point is that you get more of what you reward, and less of what you do not. By adhering to a “code” you are rewarding his bad behavior. You want to stop it, you give him a taste of his own medicine. This is the Alinsky method – make them adhere to their own rules.

        Now, philosophically, you may either agree or disagree with my take on this issue. That is your right. However, do not impugn my motives.

        If Mr. Hoge wishes to delete my comments, that is his right and I have no quarrel with his decision. If he wishes me to not discuss these things, I will comply. Because I also subscribe to the code – when men of good will and character subscribe to the same code. For others who have demonstrated that they have no code – no problem, I will play by their rules.

  5. Darth,

    I think Sean Connery’s character in ‘The Untouchables” described it as the Chicago Way. I suspect Mr. Hoge still plans to live by the rules of polite society, and we should all support this.

    • I am not suggesting that Mr. Hoge become a vigilante. Or that anyone becomes violent. There are non-violent ways to make their lives so miserable that they simply give up. They need to be ended.

      Apologies if there are problems posting. Issues with the Great Firewall, I reckon.

      • Along those lines, one of Bill Schmalfeldt’s vulnerabilities is his deceased mother. The polite and civilized thing would be to leave her out of it. Of course, the polite and civilized thing would have been for Bill Schmalfeldt to leave Lee Stranahan’s wife, and deceased daughter out of it. Bill Schmalfeldt goes beserk at the slightest perceived [aka “imagined”] slight to her. Bill Schmalfeldt has posted pornographic photos with the faces of his enemies photoshopped onto the models. What goes around comes around. Brett Kimberlin wants to be famous rather than infamous. Aside from wanting to be a player in leftist circles, which simply won’t happen now, he wants to bask in the limelight of a rock stars. Between his first, and, now, second stints out of jail, he has breathed free air for over a decade. In that time he his musical career has gone exactly nowhere. His latest ambition is to promote his daughter’s musical career. Usually, she ought to have been left out of this mess. However, she does have to accept the fact that the money that the JTMP spends on producing her music videos [and paying for youtube “hits” as one poster has suspected?] could properly have been given to Brett Kimberlin as a draw, and used to satisfy the judgment of the widow DeLong. She simply has no right to expect, essentially, that the widow DeLong pay to promote her musical aspirations. If she has to be encouraged of that fact by lawful means so be it.

      • I feel extremely sorry for Tetyana Kimberlin. What I see from the outside is the rather typical immigrant story: people come from other cultures to America. Their kids are born here. Their kids grow up as members of American culture. The parents see their children as strangers. The kids see their parents with funny accents, and different manners, as an embarrassment. A divorce happens, and, the kids favor the member of their own culture over the alien. G.K. Chesterton said that he would not want to be governed by foreigners because it would mean being annoyed in a hundred ways he could not even begin to imagine. I’m sure the same thing is true of family life. I see Tetyana Kimberlin as a good parent. Such people have properly earned the loyality of their children. Anyway, I’m sure you have a more informed insights into the situation.

        I had hoped the happy ending for Tetyana Kimberlin would be to shame Barbara Streisand, George Soros, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, and Brett Kimberlin’s aunt to repudiate and makes amends for supporting Brett Kimberlin by forming a foundation to fight the international trafficking of women, and endowing Tetyana Kimberlin as a spokewoman. As someone who is bright, articulate, and photogenic she could make a positive difference.

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