A Day in Court

Today is the day for the hearing in Circuit Court on Bill Schmalfeldt’s motion to modify the peace order issued against him. The net of what he is asking for is to be allowed to harass me if he calls what he’s doing “journalism.”

I have an early morning appointment with my lawyer after which we will head over to the courthouse. I’ll blog about the result of the hearing when it’s over.

9 thoughts on “A Day in Court

  1. Fingers crossed, prayers said, candles lit, that the MD court system will see and uphold the truth and the law.

    • BS seems to think that the federal civil charges will make people want refunds? Seems to me that it would make people want to double down on giving. Including Ace and O’Keefe seems a little questionable, strategy wise. Including Frey and Stranahan just screams “personal vendetta”.
      But including Simon & Schuster? Really? It’s owned by CBS, it’s pro se vs. huge corp…Extreme tactical error

      • Glenn Beck?

        Good thinking, cowboy. Of course, this is all presuming that BS is not full of, umm, BS.

        I mean, just because BS said it doesn’t mean it isn’t true, but that is the way to bet. Nothing on BU about it. I think they hung him out to dry again.

      • Either BU is hanging him out to dry, in which case, I almost (a very, very teensy tiniest almost) feel sorry for BS.

        Or else BK’s paranoia is metastasizing. If that, adding Simon & Schuster, simply because they published O’Keefe’s book about him was probably the stupidest part. Publishing houses like that have very deep pockets (which may be why he listed them) but they have even deeper legal departments who will eat him for lunch, end up owning his mother’s house, and then thank him for the free publicity for the book.

  2. I suppose, if the reports are true, BK didn’t really go all in…He didn’t find a way to link FoxNews to his paranoid fantasy, after all

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