Prevarications Du Jour

Bill Schmalfeldt is flat-out lying when offers this as a quote from the complaint Brett Kimberlin filed in his Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit—P-O201310142318aZDoes the Cabin Boy think that there are no copies of the complaint outside of the Montgomery County Circuit Courthouse? I was served with a copy, and on p. 26 it read as follows:BKClaim1The Gentle Reader may check for himself. Here is a scan of the complaint as it was served on me.

What kind of desperation leads to the telling of such flimsy lies?

Brett Kimberlin will undoubtedly be filing an amended complaint. He’s sent me a message through a third-party stating that he will, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he took that opportunity to clean up at least some of the technical deficiencies in his current filing. But he hasn’t done so yet. What do want to bet the big surprise for Wednesday that the Cabin Boy has been flacking is simply an amended complaint? I wonder if Kimberlin will include mopery with intent to lurk among the torts this time?

You know, Gentle Reader, I’ll bet that the line the Cabin Boy quoted was from a draft of the amended complaint that Brett Kimberlin gave him. What do you think?

Meanwhile, the Cabin Boy keeps making things up as he goes along.ftrrnews201310150030Z

My best guess would be that he got the “info” from a hallucination. Based on my communications with Mr. Ostronic, I think he’s a bit bemused by Schmalfeldt’s interest in the case. He’s certainly not upset.

Lies, pure and simple.

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  1. The Deranged Freak’s now laid an extremely extensive record to support aggressive discovery measures upon him, including depositions and document production subpoenas, to obtain information about his communications with Kimberlin, which are not privileged.

  2. We’ve had a few days of the ultra-confident, delusions of adequacy, full of himself Bill. I’d say we’re about due for one of his personality shifts, especially if he experiences any sort of disappointment in the next few days. The question is, will we be treated to the stompy-foot, furious, lashing out Bill, or the poor, pity-seeking, the-meanies-are-killing-me Bill?

    Imagine, all those people residing in the same skull, and not one of them has ever even been in the same hemisphere as a scruple.

  3. The source of desperation is clear enough: at some level he knows that Barbara Streisand, George Soros, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, and his aunt don’t want to deal with the pushback for donating money to a widely perceived pedophile. Without the air of respectability their donations bring his non-profits will collapse. The lawsuit is an attempt to have himself adjudicated a non-pedophile. That’s probably why the Cabin Boy was quick to suggest you settle.

    I find it ironic that Paula Deen can be driven from public life for answering the query, “Have you ever used the term n@gger in your life?,” affirmatively [by a lawyer who had used the term in the last thirty seconds], while Brett Kimberlin can call Ali Akabar and Mrs Kimberlin’s boyfriend “f#cking n@gger!” without losing the support of Barbara Streisand, George Soros, Teresa Heinz-Kerry, and his aunt.

    The cynic in me would want to answer his lawsuit by noting that Brett Kimberlin’s behavior of repeatedly circling around Mrs. Walker’s car on foot as she sat insides belies his claims of living in a reasonable fear of being shot dead, and his willingness to issue Ali Akabar the fighting words “f#cking n@gger!” indicates a similar lack of concern for his physical safety.

  4. I’m getting tired of the threats about Wednesday. If it is just the amended complaint it is going to be SUCH a let down.

    No, I figure that along with that they will try to have someone incarcerated for some foolish thing or other. I’m sure you all are ready for that…those that are going to be at the courthouse that is. It’s something that has Cabin Boy all excited. He’s acting like he’s won the 5th golden ticket and is ready to stuff his face with chocolate.

  5. Let’s not forget he told Ali something big would happen by today (Tuesday). Wonder how many people will be asking him about that when nothing happens as usual?

  6. Amending a complaint is par for the course and is usually allowed by a court. Big deal. I think I see the long game. Visions of the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote keep running through my mind, and there’s a cliff in there, too. And an iron weight.

  7. BS claims to know what your attorney’s “primary occupation” is. Really? Based on a Google search? Seems like another violation of the SPJ code of ethics, but we all know that BS stated in court that he is not a journalist. His behavior makes that clear.

    He also has a new countdown clock. Wonder if that is the time to his next incident of “making bigs” in his pants.

    • Unfortunately trying to wrap my head around their culture (second O) gives me a headache since their warped way of treating people is foreign to me.

  8. Why would your attorney be upset about all the free advertising that Bill is providing him on twitter?

  9. Complaint point 80? What was BK copying/pasting from?
    “Defendants’ statements and articles above contained false statements, representations or imputations about Plaintiff that place her in a false light”
    place HER in a false light?

      • “Her” is a typo. One of many throughout the complaint.

        Brett Kimberlin = Plaintiff. It should read “him.” Minor typo considering all of the other mistakes and grievous mistruths therein.

        Meh. Let BK, and his heinous band of misfits, figure it out for themselves.

      • NO! Are you suggesting that he’s . . . transgender?! STOP THE PRESSES! BK refers to himself by the feminine pronoun!

      • I do think he meant to use “her.” And, no I do not think he is transgender. You can guess as to who “her” is.

  10. BredRightAndTrue,

    The sad thing is that I think he believes he is the victim. He might have even told the Walker assault story enough that he now believes it is what really happened.
    TeamK: Poster children for poor impulse control, narcississm, and paranoid delusions.
    Sad really, until you’re in their path

    • Brett Kimberlin’s life, his entire existence, is based on one, long, crazy ride on the “victimhood” train. According to BK, the only wrongs in his life, and the lives of his cray-cray cohorts, come courtesy of the beliefs/ideologies, actions, words, what not of others. It appears that NOTHING has ever been his/their fault… nothing has EVER been a direct result of his/their choices and actions. In short: these freaks are sick, twisted, lying, deluded nut bags.

      Narcissism, paranoia, greed, pride, evilness, Godlessness, etc., etc., etc. all wrapped up into one vile pile of misfits who are wreaking havoc on the lives of good and decent people.

      I personally don’t find them, nor their issues, to be sad. I find them to be deranged and dangerous. The sooner they are forced to stop… the better. Good riddance to bad rubbish — the whole lot of ’em. *spit*

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