A New Pirate

We have been negligent in failing to credit Xenophon (the Troll) as a member of the Team Kimberlin’s crew. Xenophon appears to be taking a few days off, and the @x3n0ph0n Twitter account appears to be in the hands of First Mate Neal Rauhauser.xeno201310151446Z

Of course, FMNR is dead wrong about the “Dread Pirate” riff. It is neither dead nor a joke.

So, Gentle Readers, welcome Full Service Companion Xenophon to the crew roster.

33 thoughts on “A New Pirate

  1. *snort* “Full Service Companion.” Now, that’s funny!

    However, it didn’t make me laugh as hard as this little gem from the complaint:

    ” 39. Defendants are not legitimate journalists and they do not follow the Society of Professional Journalist [sic] Code of Ethics.”

    LOL! Hi, Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt! *snort snort snort*

    • I’ll bet that was CB’s contribution. I also think that I have figured out what the so-called nuclear event is going to be. Foolish, indeed, if BK does what I suspect.

      • Of course it was Cabin Boy’s contribution. What a dope. He just can’t help himself. He not only injects himself into this circus, but proudly speaks of his relationships and proudly proclaims his knowledge of past/present/future actions.

        As was mentioned in the comment section of another post… Bill Schmalfeldt has opened himself up to a whole host of legal inquiries and digging. He best enjoy putting together his little visual aids, leaving the house, and colonoscopies. Idiot.

      • But Bill is backpedaling now. “So tomorrow is my final day as an active player in this tragicomedy.” Show of hands, how many believe he won’t shove his nose in as usual? Anyone? Anyone? That’s what I thought. Plus with all his bragging about how he knows what is going on, he has MADE himself a participant. Can’t wait to hear him whinging when he realizes what he has done.

  2. So they think that they are going to pull a RICO suit? Or exposing that the “secret” mailing list was not secret? Oooh, scary.

    Maybe it was never intended to be the big secret they are making it out to be?

  3. I think of BS, appearing tomorrow to argue his motion, you know, the one that HE filed but keeps complaining about showing up for? Wish I could see it in person.

    • His poor wife is probably packing their vehicle as we type. Tis gonna take some time to load all of the sixhundredandninetytwo visual aids, the wheelchair, and Bill Schmalfeldt’s whiny, bitchy, greasy, gelatinous, ginormous ass.

      I take back “poor.” She not only married Cabin Boy, but has opted to stay with the sociopathic, unhinged dirtbag for all these years. Aside from his hateful, destructive demeanor, and the fact he looks like Jabba the Hut, I always imagine he smells like one would imagine a six-day-old pan of cheap pork ‘n beans drying on the back of a stove top would smell. Gross.

      Sorry. Y’all probably need some serious brain bleach right about now. *gack* I guess disgusting individuals (such as Bill Schmalfeldt) relentlessly exhibiting disgusting behavior just tends to bring out some pretty disgusting thoughts and images. *shudder*

      • Ah, court tomorrow. There is something I could say about that, but I won’t say it, and neither should anyone else who doesn’t want to help BS. What I will say, however, is that lawyers spend years learning the rules, and they still manage to mess things up from time to time. Should be interesting.

  4. BS has no idea what is awaiting him. I mean, he *thinks* he knows what is happening tomorrow. What his “friends” are telling him will happen. But he doesn’t know how it will affect him.

    But I shouldn’t say much more about that.

  5. A Reader wrote: “Ah, court tomorrow. There is something I could say about that, but I won’t say it, and neither should anyone else who doesn’t want to help BS.”

    ^^^ This ^^^

    However, I will say to John — I hope you have the safest of travels tomorrow, the support of qualified and stellar counsel, the love of family and friends, the comfort of knowing many prayers are being sent your way, and Godspeed. Lots and lots of Godspeed.

  6. Oh, did CBBS just awake from an alcoholic stupor? Remember, last night he tweeted stuff like this: “Can I has summa dat free speech youse fellers is selling? How much you need so’s I can has free speech?” I assumed he was drunk. Or racist. Take your pick. He is now linking to the blog post at BU with a RICO threat and tweeting about sending Ali to jail. I know it may be hard to think the the rum-induced haze, but *civil* RICO actions do not involve arrests or jail. And if BK were to win anything at all in these suits? Why the widow of Carl DeLong would get every cent. But we know this isn’t about winning any money, don’t we?

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