Statement on Fund Raising

Brett Kimberlin is suing a group of bloggers that includes me for a million bucks because we have published truthful information and constitutionally-protected statements of opinion about him. Aaron Walker, one of the bloggers named in the suit, is a lawyer, and he is being sued for offering legal advice to Kimberlin’s victims.

Gentle Reader, can you think of any rights more important than your First Amendment right to free speech or your Sixth Amendment right to legal counsel?

Neither can I.

Kimberlin and his cronies have been engaging in lawfare for years now, and it’s time to put a stop to it. We need to defeat his bogus lawsuit because, if we don’t, there will be no end to his harassment of others. You can help us. Go to BomberSuesBloggers to learn how. If you decide to donate to the defense fund, you should know that I will never see one cent of the money raised. The proceeds will go to paying the substantial costs of defending the suit. Yes, I am represented by a pro bono lawyer, but there will still be filing fees, deposition costs, etc.

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UPDATE—Stacy McCain points out that if we don’t defeat this suit, it’s possible that Kimberlin might sue you.

10 thoughts on “Statement on Fund Raising

  1. How is it not a conflict of interest-from a journalist perspective, for someone to do a report regarding an organization that a friend of the journalist is suing? Isn’t one SPJ mandate to avoid conflicts of interest- real or perceived?

    • 1. Since when is he a journalist? Even his own lawyer swore in court he wasn’t. But he won’t talk about that.

      2. Since when does he care about ethics?

    • He’s more like a wave-function journalist. He’s a journalist (J) when he wants to claim the right to contact people for his “stories” (which have a quasi-existence of their own, porpoising between story and accusatory-question-pile) and becomes not-journalist (J’) when its time to follow the standards and ethics of a journalist. In his prot-existence, a J is anyone who asks questions. In our fully functioing world a J is one who asks questions responsibly and then relays the information without damaging it. A J’ is a pestiferous bastard.

      • Ahh, but he’s trying to use the claim that peace order is preventing him from contacting the BomberSuesBloggers twitter group to get their side of the story. And showing how that infringes his 1st ammendment rights…Uh huh. A story he’s already biased about, where he’s already insulted every member of the group that he’s trying to write about…
        No conflicts of interest there, and they’d be sure to give him an interview if it wasn’t for that pesky peace order. Yep…nice story

      • He just tweeted that it’s good to be alive. So much for his alleged early demise. And if he tries to testify about his own alleged ill health, have his tweets handy and Zoa should object because … well, she knows why.

  2. He also just gave the judge a big f*ck you by tweeting your new account multiple times. He has a motion to modify the peace order in only two days, and he chose not to obey it, unlike Aaron Walker.

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