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Paul Lemmen is an ex-con. He was a military impersonator, a fraudster, and a con man, and he went to federal prison for it. He’s now on supervised release. Paul is also a blogger. I became aware of him because he was the first person to follow me on Twitter, so I clicked over to check out his An Ex-Con’s View blog. That was in late May or early June of last year. Like so many of us, Paul was blogging about Brett Kimberlin and he seemed to be on the side of the good guys.

Then something happened. Paul’s supervised release was threatened, apparently because someone was accusing him of writing defamatory stuff (sound familiar?). The Popehat Signal went up, Paul got some pro bono legal help, and things settled down for a while.

Then Paul switched sides. He began aligning himself with Team Kimberlin. That alignment stayed intact until early this year, when Paul decided that he had had enough of the dark side. Since then, he has been assisting those of us on Team Lickspittle in finding information about Team Kimberlin.

Yesterday, Paul came out of the closet and publicly apologized to those he injured last year. Gentle Reader, I can’t tell you everything I know about his situation, but I am convinced that what Paul did last year was done under duress.

Paul has a lousy reputation because of his past, so it’s not surprising that people are cautious. They should be, but, thus far, he has been an invaluable source of inside information concerning much of Team Kimberlin’s activities in 2012.

UPDATE—I’m not surprised that there have been so many negative comments about Paul Lemmen. He’s done a lot of bad things. He has a great deal to make amends for.

He has also been an invaluable source of intelligence on the operation of Team Kimberlin, providing leads that have been backed up by other sources. I am thankful for his help.

UPDATE 2—One question being asked is why Paul Lemmen decided to come out of the closet now. Remember that he had be put under pressure of having his supervised release revoked. On 7 October, @BreitbartUnmasked tweeted this—BU201310071412ZzGiven that implied threat from Team Kimberlin, I can understand why Paul might want to come clean. You can’t blackmail someone by threatening to tell information that is already published.

UPDATE 3—I have known the identity of @RMNixonDeceased since January.

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  2. Look into the concept of the long con.

    I beg you, do not believe this man. Not for one instant. It will bite you. I don’t know how, but this is a bad man.

      • He gave Team Kimberlin a major shot when he switched before. Right after the email from Aaron’s former employer was released as part of the sealed discovery.

        It was Lemmen who started calling those opposed to Kimberlin con men. He made blog posts all over the place and was quoted in other blog posts on BU’s site. He was real helpful to Team K in switching the momentum, IMO, the story had generated.

        I don’t know what he has supplied for 2013…but his antics in 2012 damaged a lot of people, most specifically Aaron Walker himself.

        He just seemed too comfortable in his role as a member of Team K. He was able to jump right in the middle and get along fine with the flunkies. I really feel uneasy about his so called switch back.

    • I don’t trust him any farther than I can throw him…I watched him switch he is trying to come back?

      Your giving him the all clear Mr. Hoge means a lot…but I saw him burn people before. I don’t think it’s trust but verify…unfortunately it’s verify, verify, then verify again. I’ll take most of what he says with a grain of salt…I will keep an eye out on the long con.

      • Yes. Remember that he stated that he was retiring from all of this due to threats, health, etc., but then switched sides? That’s retirement? I would not put it past someone like this to be feeding Hoge and others disinformation after earning their trust.

  3. I think a status of Probationary Lickspittle might be warranted, but he’s got a lot of proving to do before he can start collecting those sweet Koch checks we all love so much!

    In the meanwhile, there’s no danger in using this reversal to abuse Schmalfeldt.

  4. I’m in the camp with others here…do NOT trust this man. I would take anything he has to give up as far as Team Kimberlin and consider it as part of a disinformation campaign. As monitor said, Verify, verify, verify.

    • He is RMNixonDeceased?!?!?

      I’ve been a fan of that sock then for a while now. Other than re-bloging just about everything that appears on Hogewash, I can’t recall him giving any sort of information/tips/nudges that were not already put out…I could be wrong. Only those he supplied information to can supply how helpful it was.

      I’m not surprised he sort of blew me off when I inquired as to his real identity. I knew there had to be a reason, but it seemed to me like he was trusted by Mr. Hoge and McCain over at the OtherMcCain. Since I trust their judgement, I sort of looked past the need for his using an assumed name.

      All in all that makes me feel a *little* bit better. I think Bob has the right of it though. He is out for himself. Always have to keep that in mind. Which sucks.

      For me it all goes back to the savagery he showed towards Aaron Walker when the sealed discovery was released by Schmalfeldt. He started the actual “con men” appellation that the rest of Team K picked up on and really ran with. He did more than muddy the waters. He damn near turned them to sludge.

      Man…I liked RMNixonDeceased…con man got one over on me, big time. His relationship with Rauhasuer, dating WAY back, worries me,

      This could all be another part of the long con. His turnnig back to helping us, providing information about Team K. That usually makes you want to trust the guy even more…I mean who isn’t more trustworthy that the man who saw through the BS of Kimberlin and Schmalfeldt and started providing inside details on them.

      I gotta go with my gut..and here it is saying stick with the verify, verify, verify and keep real sensitive information away from him.

      Looks like he has a long way to go to earn trust.

  5. John wrote: UPDATE 3—I have known the identity of @RMNixonDeceased since January.

    Well, I didn’t. It was kept from me by people who feared what my reaction would be.

    Lemmen is a serial liar. One cannot afford to trust him.

    • Not everything that Paul has provided has checked out. Liars swapping lies tell all sorts of falsehoods, so much of the traffic that passed between him and other members on Team Kimberlin is utter rubbish, the fantasies of the inhabitants of a fever swamp. But he has provided a wealth of leads, some of which were instrumental in cracking tough nuts.

      Access to a slice of Team Kimberlin’s internal communications has provided an amazing perspective on their “thought” processes. I doubt that they will be amused if this stuff has to come out in court.

      • The revelation that there was a mole within Team Kimberlin might very well have some members of Team Kimberlin asking themselves if there are more. The rational response would be to investigate, look for signs, and further investigate those who acted in a suspicious fashion. But, what if you are not rational? What if you are a paranoid obsessed with conspiracy theories? What if you are Neal Raushauer? What if you have enemies within Team Kimberlin? What if you want to settle a score? What better way than to weave your enemies into a conspiracy?

      • Of course there are still moles among their ranks. At least one of them is feeding information to the FBI.

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