Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

@Mjanovic201310120129ZYes, my counsel of record in the Kimberlin v. Walker, et al. lawsuit is pro bono. So are all the members of the team of lawyers from around the country backing him up. (The Popehat Signal is a marvelous thing. Thanks, Ken.) They are lawyers from across the political spectrum with a dedication to the First Amendment who see it as a civic and professional duty to defend it against such egregious attacks as Kimberlin’s.

Half-assed? I don’t think so, but a one-percent-assed effort by the assembled team would probably be sufficient to overcome Kimberlin’s pitiful suit.

Definitely lose? Badly? Well, we will see who winds up owing whom. Even a dismissal could leave Brett Kimberlin responsible for costs and my expenses and legal fees. Legal fees? Yes, legal fees. My lawyer is pro bono for me but not for Kimberlin. Legal fees.

AFTERWORD—Bill Schmalfeldt seems to think that there is some significance to the fact that my lawyer is not a member of the Maryland State Bar Association, a voluntary organization. Membership in that organization should not be confused with being admitted to practice law in Maryland. I wonder if the Cabin Boy is aware that the two Maryland lawyers who are on the board of Velvet Revolution US, Jeffery R. Cohen and Kevin Zeese, also chose not to belong to the Maryland State Bar Association? The Cabin Boy has also noticed that my lawyer is also a CPA. Trust me, Gentle Reader; that’s going to be a plus.

18 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. I have wondered for a long time whether Brett’s or Bill’s professional and business practices could stand up to a CPA’s scrutiny. Does Bill pay taxes on any income he makes as a writer? Does he have a business license? Perhaps so (and as a “professional” writer, I would assume he follows any business requirements). Professional ethics and all.

  2. There is such a thing as lying by omission. For example, it would be correct for me to say that Bill Schmalfeldt is a 6th grade graduate, but because it is not the complete truth, i.e., that he graduated from high school, it would be a lie because it creates the erroneous impression that he only went to school through 6th grade. The SPJ code of ethics condemns this type of behavior, yet BS does exactly that by referring to your attorney merely as a CPA, ignoring the very pertinent fact that he is also a practicing attorney, which requires a J.D. One of his areas of practice is tax law, a field in which a CPA is highly desirable and is viewed as icing on the tax attorney cake.

  3. By the way, I would not be surprised if BK tries to have you and others who appear in court on Wednesday arrested, the way he did with Walker.

    • I would be surprised if he didn’t try.

      I would be pleasantly surprised if the authorities, now that they know of his methods, let him file the complaint(s), then asked for proof, and, when such is not forthcoming, arrested him for filing false charges.

      Frankly, is there any evidence that he has *ever* filed a non-false charge?

      Come on, Maryland officers-of-the-court, buy a clue!

  4. Yes, a CPA should have a nice time looking at a certain non-profits books. Interesting. Good thing I ran across that Boy Scout troop selling popcorn.

  5. LOL, BS is bringing up Maryland 2012 HB 926, in response to BK and court.
    Someone didn’t even do 5 minutes research…

    • Law is easy. That’s why it takes 7 years of college and years of practice. Did you know BS is a high school graduate?

  6. There is absolutely nothing about the JTMP’s books that I trust. I only thing I trust is the fact that the Tides Foundation and his heiress aunt has given money because I somewhat trust their disclosures. For all we know, that is about all the money the JTMP actually raises. What would stop a particularly shameless conman from inflating both revenues and expenses so as to appear to be a major player in an attempt to “prime the pump” for donations? Six-figure revenues, limited expenses and living in mommies basement. It just doesn’t add up. Brett Kimberlin lives under a seven-figure judgment. His draw was $19,500/yr. He has an “office” in his mother’s home. The JTMP pays significant rent. His wife worked full time in a daycare and raises two kids. She drew a salary for working for the JTMP. It stinks. His draw just happens to maximize tax refunds for a single person with two children filing as a head of household [The additional tax credit for children rises until that amount, while the EIC starts dropping after that amount.] That’s an odd coincidence. Brett Kimberlin is an egomanic with an obsessive desire to achieve fame and notoriety in the music business. The JTMP produces music videos. It just happens to employ a lawyer specializing in entertainment law as a director. I don’t think that is a coincidence. Any monies Brett Kimberlin had available to pay an entertainment lawyer, music studio, or video production company would be subject to seizure. How convenient. A person with illegal income they wished to launder would find such a non-profit to be an ideal vehicle. Burn some meaningless video and market it for seven dollars. Sell yourself 15,000 copies and you have laundered a 100k. Use most of that money to pay normal expenses as business expenses and its tax free. Claim an amount that gives you the EIC and it is better than tax free. Jim Wright was caught laudering political cash into personal use selling bogus books by the crateful to political donors. He didn’t go to jail. That makes it a particularly low-risk scam. If Brett Kimberlin has nothing to hide, he shouldn’t sweat the fact that your lawyer is a CPA. Otherwise,….

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