Prevarication Du Jour

ftrrnews201310081255ZDriving to the courthouse to drop the peace order? Not hardly. It’s not my order to drop. The order was issued by the Circuit Court. The Court would have to rescind it. I could petition the Court to do so, but, no, I don’t think so.

OTOH, I did visit several courthouses (none in Carroll County) today and retrieved some very interesting public documents.

9 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. I find his tone definitely to be threatening. People under a peace order not harass someone have no business telling him what he “BETTER” do.

  2. It’s pure fear on Schmalfeldt part. I think he knows that they won’t throw in him jail, but he knows that after all his crowing about his legal expertise, when he loses he will have to face the public humiliation. I think more than anything that is what is driving his outbursts lately.

    • You think a judge won’t throw him in jail? I’ve been watching his various screw ups and he’s in more trouble than he realizes. If I were Bill, I wouldn’t bet on the disability card. Judges do not like that crap being pulled. They seriously don’t.

  3. The melt down on the 16th when the peace order isn’t removed will likely be epic, and I imagine not in a particularly pleasant way. I sort of wish I could be there to see it.

    I suspect that most of the tweets he’s put out the last 24 hours or so would if anything convince the court to extend said order.

    And if the court date is the 16th, why would the Court of Appeals be ruling today?

    • The hearing on the 16th is in the Circuit Court on Schmalfeldt’s motion to have the peace order modified so that he can harass me if he calls what he is doing “journalism.”

      He has also appealed the order to the Court of Appeals and he has asked that court to stay the peace order pending his appeal. The CoA rejected his motion for a stay, but he has asked them to reconsider. The earliest date that the Court would rule on either reconsideration of the stay or accepting his appeal would be the 17th. After that, the Court is scheduled to be in recess until November.

      If the CoA does take his appeal, the arguments docket is full through the end of December, so the earliest expedited date for oral argument would be in Jaunuary, 2014, a month after the peace order expires.

      • In other words, surprise, surprise, he has the dates/timing wrong, to go with all his other legal knowledge that just isn’t so.

        He is such a sad, evil, little man. Screwtape must love him.

  4. Every time I see that picture on BS’s profile I start laughing because different things occur to me. This morning when I looked at it, I could have sworn he stole Hitler’s hair.

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