13 thoughts on “More Left Wing Lawfare

  1. I’m with you 100% in your fight against the pedophile and the big bald baffoon, but you seem to be knee jerking over a valid legal manuever. The suit was filed before his death. After his death, his estate (controlled by his wife) would be substituted. As for the temerity of the reporting, the clip presented only gave one part of the story. I know numerous links to the original post hypothesize Breitbart was intending to show the reverse racism of the NAACP crowd, but that is a question for the court to resolve.

  2. What’s interesting is that, if the troll over at RSM’s is correct (which is dubious at best), both Andrew’s wife AND his children are equally heirs and successors. So if they can sue the wife, they can (and should) be suing the children, who are just as liable. But I don’t know if even the leftists have the stomach for that yet, or simply that they figure the optics would more than negate the message it would send.

  3. They seem to be relying on a ruling that the survivors are liable for debts, which is normal. However, a lawsuit is not a debt. Defamation is something done by a specific person, and what Sherrod is doing is not suing the “estate” – there is not one – but suing Mrs. Breitbart personally for defamation.

    I suspect that the courts will throw it out. But it is California, so who knows.

    But, yes, the point is, do not mess with the Left, they will come after your family even after you die.

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