10 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Well, well, well, Bill and his socks seem mighty intent to silencing folks that don’t agree with them. Wonder where this falls in the SPJ code of ethics?

  2. This new twitter account may not be Bill S.

    It got suspended just a few minutes after it was created but just a few minutes later it was back up and running and is still there. It was gone and back so quick, I wonder if somebody complained to twitter support that the account wasn’t BS.

    Maybe it is someone else just trying to get some chuckles. Probably someone else on TK but could be another of his fanboys. Or possibly another motive…

    • No. It’s Bill. I think it was spamblocked and that’s why it got ripped. Then put back. But it will get taken down because it still violates TOS.

  3. Yep, and ten minutes after I posted the above, Bill comes on and says it isn’t him. In this case I may even believe him. Lots of games being played.

  4. The big question is why BS is still carrying his “friends” water when they loathe him every bit as much as they hate the RWNJs. They left him hanging to dry after he did everything he thought they wanted.

    All of his bluster is an attempt to get their attention again – oh look at me, like me, remember how much I kissed your butts?

    Some of them still tolerate him, but mostly they hate him with the hate of ten thousand suns.

    So BU still keeps up a front, X can’t be bothered with a shout out even to face his “enemies.”

    He must have some real strong reasons for that level of hate.

  5. I’ll say it again. Bill is running scared. REAL scared. He knows TK has cut him loose and it’s all falling on him. He thought someone had his back. Sucks to be him at this point.

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