All Your Data Are Belong to Us

Folks seem to be surprised that personal information provided to the Maryland Obamacare website can be shared with law enforcement and other “appropriate agencies,” whatever that means. They must not have been paying attention to the way the state has been run for years.

The “Free State” is one of the least free, if not the least free, states in the Union. The state government’s disrespect for the rights of the citizens is epic. One recent example was the passage of more patently unconstitutional gun control laws which resulted in a huge surge in gun purchases. Because Maryland requires a State Police background check on top of the federal check, the flood of applications swamped the State Police resources. The 7-day waiting period was taking months. To try to work through the backlog, the State Police began illegally sharing the personal data of purchasers with other agencies so that their unvetted personnel could handle the checks. Oh, and the sharing was via unsecured web links in violation of the state’s own IT standards.

So why should anyone be surprised when Maryland says, “All your data are belong to us”?

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    A much better question that nobody has raised issue with is, what, might be INSERTED INTO, the medical files by non-physicians? Too many laymen will have access and an open hand to deal with medical records and, credit ratings now are part of the insurance rate determining factors, therefore credit reports and goofballs working for the credit companies also have the medical records and direct open access to individual’s medical histories. All might impact the quality of care or lack thereof that a person receives. What if government decides to blackball a person and insert something derogatory into the medical file? Somebody has a beef with another person and knows a friend who can access files and all of a sudden, and different and less than desirable insert is made into the medical file? Hmmm…

  2. I find it interesting in light of the IRS scandal that your personal data may be shared for “audit purposes”. Part of my job is auditing process and procedures to keep my company from running afoul of the govt, and that may very will be what Maryland is alluding to, but given the tendency of this administration to attack it’s opponents via the IRS leaves the wording ambiguous at best.

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