24 Part Deux

Bill Schmalfeldt has been frothing at the keyboard about 24 instances of perjury in the Answer my lawyer filed to his Motion to Modify Peace Order. See if you can find them among the 13 sentences in the answer.

Here’s the Cabin Boy’s Motion in case you want to crosscheck items.

I can’t find the perjury either.

13 thoughts on “24 Part Deux

    • It comes up on Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome on my Mac, and I can see it on my iPhone and iPad. I can see it using IE on my Windows 7 machine also.

  1. Well, if he thinks that he is going to pull in witnesses on short notice, from out of state, to testify regarding legal interpretation of a case, perhaps he would be interested in buying a bridge in Brooklyn.

    • The Cabin Boy claims that he won’t ask any question that doesn’t already know the answer to.

      If he really knows how Aaron Walker would answer questions about US v Cassidy, the he won’t call Aaron as a witness. Or if he does, he’ll not ask about Cassidy.

  2. Strange, I can download it fine but not see it online in Firefox.

    BTW, notice that in #7 he repeats the lie that he “replied all”. That indicates that the tweet was sent to him. It was not. I would assume that he would have to produce that tweet as evidence.

  3. Hm. He thinks that a worst case scenario is that the judge sends him packing. Well, no, your attorney could make an oral motion to … well, I’ll leave it at that.

  4. I am sure that he has equated having the insolence to dispute his charges constitutes “perjury.” Apparently, Bill Schmalfeldt is so full of himself that he cannot fathom that other people see the world differently than him. For instance, he sees it as self-evident that when two conservatives talk a “hate group” has formed [One conservative being a “hater.”] Obviously, you committed “perjury” in failing to acknowledge that you are a conservative who has conversed with another conservative. There is two counts in one sentence! On a particularly spiteful day the Cabin Boy might generate several dozen hateful and abuse rants directed at a number of his enemies. Since you are merely one of several of his victims as a percentage it is de minimus, at least in his mind. I can only remember a handful of times that he actually threated to kill you. Surely, you perjured yourself in failing to admit he has threatened to kill you only a “few” times in what is a rather large body of work. See how it works!

  5. I swear I would LOVE to see the judge take away Cabin Boys access to the internet. Confiscating his PCs, tablets, smart phones, Macs and any other device that can go online for a period of say one year. I know that will never happen, and if it did it would be wrong…but I’d love to see the look on Cabin Boys face when it was announced by the judge. I bet they could hear his scream on the space station.

    • I’m not so sure that it would be wrong, and it might be a reasonable condition of probation before judgment if the court were to find him in contempt because of ongoing violations of its peace order.

      • I’m not really sure it would be either as a matter of law…but it will give his nut job supporters something to hang their hats on as they try like hell to get the PR fight swinging in their favor. It might just make it possible for a backlash that actually does have some teeth to it.

  6. Given that the only things attested to are that you admit or deny various things, how is perjury even possible? It isn’t. Señor Neckroll is clearly getting the legal advice he’s paying for.

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