Bill Schmalfeldt says that he has found 24 instances of perjury in the Answer my lawyer filed to his Motion to Modify Peace Order and that he is looking forward to getting me on the stand during the upcoming hearing on his motion. I’ve been scratching my head and trying to find anything erroneous in the answer. Certainly, there’s no perjury. But if the Cabin Boy wants to come up to Westminster and talk about it in front of the judge on the 16th, that’s his right.

For my part, I promise to look him in the eye and to try not to laugh as he makes my case for me.

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  1. Well, it sounds like he’s threatening to physically assault you if you won’t drop the peace order. Which I assume would also go down real well with the judge. (He’s tweeting under FTRRadioNews now, in the third person.)

  2. Now he’s having a pity party and invoking his kids. “Goodby cruel world. Remember I loved you, even though I treated you all badly enough to never to talk to me.”

    • Such pathos. Yes, having your wages garnished to pay child support is something to brag about! He left those kids. And, If he left them with a mother who was a drug abuser (which I doubt) then he is an even worse parent than one who just abandons his or her kids!

      I love that he blames Hoge for “killing” him. Cabin Boy’s neurologist says Hoge is personally responsible for the progression of his progressive illness. Makes perfect sense.

      The guy is clearly crazy. Coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. It’s almost not fun to watch any more because he’s nuts and he really can’t help himself. Not that he should be allowed to harass and torment people, though. Crazy people are still expected to follow the law.

      With all the sexual references he makes, especially the degrading homosexual comments he makes to his “enemies,” I wonder if he was sexually abused by an adult family member when he was a child. It would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?

      He sounds very, very afraid of dying as much as he tries to put on a brave face and tell himself he is at peace and is relying on God. He’s terrified and it shows.

      It really must be horrible being him. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Not even the Cabin Boy himself.

      • I honestly can’t be bothered to have pity on him. What he did to my friends, Lee and Lauren…Well, it’s like Rick said, he enjoyed it. I know what he is and I’m not buying any of his crap. He chose his friends and his bed.

        Who knows. Maybe I’m waiting for Godot. Or maybe Schmalfeldt’s train is finally about run the cliff. Either way, it won’t be long now.

  3. He is full of bluster because he is bluffing.

    Surely he knows that if he questions Mr. Hoge, then Mr. Hoge gets to question him back. And ask under penalty of perjury his relationship with the Kimberlin crew. And he will likely lie that he is still close with them because the truth, that they left him all alone probably is hurtful.

    And like he won’t be asked about the sheikh.

    Bluster away, blustering guy.

  4. “Lying” to Bill Schmalfeldt is merely not showing deference to his pretentions of omniscience. What he is really claiming is that Zoe Barnes has had the audacity to disagree with him in 24 instances.

  5. He’s going to be using a wheelchair as much as a prop as an assist device. Such a pity he can’t get the court clerk to play “if I were a rich man” from Fiddler on the Roof as he approaches the witness stand. (That’s the music he used in a vid begging for $10K to sue Mr Hoge.)

    I wouldn’t put it past him to turn off his neurostimulators before getting to court.

    Have Mrs Barnes ask him under oath if he did so. You can borrow my Patient Programmer unit to verify its status. Just a cellphone sized widget you hold up to his chest, then read the screen. Totally non-invasive. It would destroy any sympathy if he got caught making his symptoms worse deliberately.

    • Rick I thought the same thing reading his, “My PD caused my hamstring to snap” tweets. Wheelchair as a sympathy prop seems very much in line with how Bill thinks he will win. Let’s not forget he has blatantly lied to to the courts before. 1st by claiming he never had notice to stop harassing Mr. Hoge, then with his pathetic “I was having a conversation with someone who tricked me by inserting Hoge’s name in the tweet” confession.

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