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The Supremes have refused to hear an appeal of a case challenging a federal statute concerning threats, in this case a threat made in a YouTube video.

Attorneys for the appellant maintained that the federal threats law—a 1932 statute making extortion illegal—was unconstitutional. Of eight circuit courts of appeal to decide the issue, only the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has chosen to view the law in line with the appellant’s interpretation. The 9th Circuit is the court whose rulings are most often reversed by the Supreme Court.

2 thoughts on “Supreme Court News

  1. Wasn’t it the 9th Circuit that determined “Actual Innocence” to be…irrelevant? Why yes, it was the 9th circuit that declared “Actual Innocence” was irrelevant. In fact, it wasn’t the innocent people sitting in prison that the 9th felt to be the real problem. It was the judicial burden of it all.

    Their judicial burden. I truly weep for them. They are so burdened. Someone should take away their burdens. No seriously…take away their burdens.

  2. In recent times, the 6th Circuit has taken over the “most reversed” distinction from the 9th Circuit. That’s a fact.

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