Prevarication Du Jour

frr201310071748ZI guessing that tweet refers to the Hogeman: Internet Astronomer post I did this afternoon. That post contains no copyrighted material belonging to Bill Schmalfeldt. It does, however, contain links to his material, and linking to someone else’s work is not the same thing as posting it.Hogeman_codeAs can be seen above, the post in question only contains links. Clicking on the SoundCloud link takes you that site. YouTube responds to its link by serving the video back to this site, but the video is on YouTube and being streamed from its server.

OTOH, the Cabin Boy routinely takes copyrighted material from this site by using images of entire Hogewash! blog posts on his Twitter feed and websites. He has never asked for permission.

9 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. I believe it was pointed out to him on twitter that links are not posting, but as yet, he has yet to answer that. Probably because he knows he failed again.

  2. He can change his settings on the vid upoaded to YouTube servers, so that any link to the site redirects to Youtube, and disable embedding. He can also change the settings so that only invited users can view it.

  3. or rather, “that is, he can disable embedding.” If he want to block people from linking to youtube at all, he has to change the settings so that only invited people can view it.

  4. Another day, another specious charge by Bill Schmalfeldt. Refuting today’s specious charge is pointless because tomorrow there will be yet another. IMO, the only will to deal with such a stream of specious charges is at each iteration demand to know whether, or not, Bill Schmalfeldt is staking his reputation in making today’s charge. For instance, one strategy for someone other than John Hoge is to offer Bill Schmalfeldt a bet of several thousand dollars, plus attorney’s fees that if filed a DCMA takedown notice he would lose during his hearing.

  5. Just went by old Cabin Boy’s twitter feed to see what kind of crazy was going on today and I see his account has been suspended. Both the fite_rite_radio and teamschmalfeldt accounts are suspended, actually.

    I would go to his blog for a crazy update, but I can’t seem to force myself to do that…

    • Unfortunately, he’s still out there:

      Bill Schmalfeldt @FTRRadioNews

      “@FTRRadioNews: @fite_rite_radio has been gulaged. So, to keep our radio account online, we are now @FTRRadioNews. Bookmark it, follow it. And thanks.”


      • What gets to me is he is so blatantly breaking TOS and @support does nothing about it. I moderate a forum, and I know how hard it is to truly ban someone…that is why when I see these amateurish attempts it makes me growl. Oh well….sooner or later everyone has to learn. It’ll happen.

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