Gentle Reader, you’ve probably heard about those traffic cones that the National Park Service put up to block access to roadside areas where tourists can pull over for a view of Mt. Rushmore. The highway is South Dakota 244. It’s a state road. It’s not a federal road.

The cones have been taken down because of a snow storm. If they reappear, why shouldn’t whoever puts them back be charged with littering?

7 thoughts on “Littering?

  1. This whole Barrycades episode is a great illustration for why Obamacare is a bad idea. If the government, any government, is willing to be so capricious, petulant and nasty over this little business, what will they be willing to do when the health care system is broke and you are due for surgery?

  2. ^^^ What he said. Our govt has been broken for some time now. The partisan fighting has really hit a new limit, but I have to say that I have NEVER seen an administration deliberately go out of their way to hurt the American people like this one has. Sequester? Make it as painful as possible. Budgets? Who needs them, we’ll just face a govt shutdown every 6 months and make that painful as well. Debt ceiling? I was against it before I was for it and I’ll make the painful too.

  3. It’s all a shamefully contrived theater, utterly contemptuous of the people and their representatives. And the signs are stupid.

  4. Has anyone wondered how those signs got up so fast? I mean the parks barriers and signs went up just hours after the slow down. This had to have been planned and coordinated prior to the deadline. And we all now know that came from the White House.

    Think about it. Look how they handled Benghazi. They bumbled it every step of the way because they had no time to plan. But this one…they had everything ready. And look at all the other agencies. It’s like they’re rolling this stuff out on a time table. If the slow down goes to 2 days implement the shut down of these services. If it goes to 4 days, implement the shut down of these services. If it goes to 6…etc.

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