Hogeman: Internet Astronomer

Come on in out of the corn starch, order yourself a pizza to go (hold the anchovies), and enjoy this worked example of discrediting Bill Schmalfeldt by quoting Bill Schmalfeldt.

(H/T, Frankie) Note: If your browser has trouble with the audio on the YouTube file, click here.

You know, I probably shouldn’t have done this post. It will wind up increasing the exposure of that clip more than tenfold.

LibrauraniaBTW, Res judicata will be one of the principles that Justice will use when weighing in her scales the competing claims about the Cabin Boy’s motion to modify the peace order issued against him. Libra (The Scales) is one of the twelve constellations of the Zodiac.

The sun begins its transit of Libra on 16 October. Perhaps Bill Schmalfeldt should carefully check his horoscope before he comes to court that day.

UPDATE—The makers of Luciners Castor Oil Flakes and Fantastic Cigarettes, Luciners for the smile of Beauty, Fantastics for the smile of success, have brought you the transcribed Adventures of Nick Danger, Third Eye Hogeman: Internet Astronomer. Tune in again next week, same time, same station, when Nick Danger Hogeman meets the Arab The Fat Man.

UPDATE 2—Well, I looks as if the Cabin Boy no longer wishes to share his wit with us.

UPDATE 3—Schmalfeldt’s intro to his Hogeman: Internet Astronomer piece contained a statement that it was in the vein of such Firesign Theatre works as Nick Danger: Third Eye. That’s the reason for all of the allusions to Nick Danger in this post. Those of you who wish to hear more of the Schmalfeldt’s audio drama are stuck waiting for the Cabin Boy or someone like him.

11 thoughts on “Hogeman: Internet Astronomer

    • The only thing keeping Bill Schmalfeldt from blatantly violating the Peace Order is the final warning he received (and, his fear of time served in jail).

      CBBS’S blog postings, radio shticks, and obsessed tweeting (one tweet of which made his future intentions of directly contacting Mr. Hoge perfectly clear), is all one needs to be convinced that once the Peace Order is lifted Bill Schmalfeldt will relentlessly harass and stalk Mr. Hoge until such time he is legally bound to refrain from doing so (again).

      His complete lack of self-control, lack of boundaries, and his utter contempt and disdain for the law and officers of the court, serve as proof positive his unhinged and deranged behavior will continue, and will most likely escalate. Words cannot begin to express the concern and sympathy I have for Mr. Hoge’s plight.

      I will say it again… Thank heavens this sociopath is physically incapable of pursing his harassment on the Hoges’ front porch. If reality was otherwise, I would not put face-to-face stalking and harassment past the likes of a Bill Schmalfeldt for a second.

      The most recent example of his sick obsession with Mr. Hoge, and his twisted obsession with vile language and bodily fluids/functions:


      • I see his fascination with men’s anal cavities remains intact. There is something seriously wrong with a man that is so interested in other mens bottoms and poop.

  1. He really does have no talent for humor. Bad, bad, bad. I’ve heard 3rd grade plays with better production values and writing. Now wonder Sirius/XM fired him.

  2. CBBS is an addle pated, no neck, no talent cliche who thinks he’s the cat’s meow when in reality, he’s what comes out of the other end of the cat and has to be covered up and sprinkled with Arm & Hammer Baking Soda.

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