Prevarication Du Jour: Early Edition

frr201310060032ZWow. Two lies in one tweet.

Both the District Court Commissioners’ Office and the Carroll County State’s Attorney’s Office flatly deny the Cabin Boy’s “no more charges” assertion. Indeed, the State’s Attorney’s Office has warned Schmalfeldt that further violations could result in charges.

Obey the law? Oh, come now! If any Gentle Reader believes that, I have some nice Chesapeake Bay front property in Garrett County, Maryland, they might wish to buy.

Oh, and one more thing … Note the timestamp on Doug Kirby’s comment—20:27. Now, note the timestamp on the Cabin Boy’s tweet—8:32 PM. That’s five minutes difference. Does Schmalfeldt keep Hogewash! live in a window on his computer 24/7?

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