Prevarications Du Jour

We have a twofer today.frr201310051156ZOn 16 September, 2012, I put a post called Perhaps I Am A Fool. It contained these words:

I don’t feed trolls. I have received troll tweets and blog comments. If you’re trolling, save your breath.

I cited the post containing them as a first request for trolls to leave me alone in the post shown below which expressly demanded that Bill Schmalfeldt (aka @oldunclebastard) stop contacting me.TK&3-805That post was put up just after midnight on 15 February, 2013.

Math Lesson: 1 + 1 = 2frr201310051155ZThe Cabin Boy sent a tweet during the early afternoon of the 15th that contained a reference my no contact demand. Under the law, he had reasonable notice at that time and should have ceased immediately. He kept up his harassment, so I filed a harassment charge on 18 February.

Bonus Math Lesson: 18 – 15 = 3

Once again, everything that has to do with establishing the necessary elements of harassment of me by Bill Schmalfeldt has been examined in open court. All of the possible exceptions he might have claimed were similarly reviewed. And all this was done with Schmalfeldt having the assistance of able counsel. The matter is settled and not subject to relitigation. Bill Schmalfeldt is a harasser, and I was a victim of his harassment.

Further, the court found that he was likely to continue harassing me, so a peace order was issued.

It will be interesting to see how the Cabin Boy explains to the court how his subsequent behavior is different (in a positive way) from what the court has already found to be harassment.

5 thoughts on “Prevarications Du Jour

  1. The Cabin Boy’s latest tweets cite Maryland’s harassment law and then he says: “Well, WJJ, the AG says you can’t call it harassing if it showed up on any other Twitter page but yours.”

    smh… his reading comprehension seems to be a little lacking … smh

  2. So I guess it’s not harassing to stand in the street outside someone’ house yelling at them at all hours of the day, because others will hear it too?

  3. Just read his article. That is so precious. Much that I would say but not until after events clear. Love the way he goes for a stroll in left field. Never send this guy to the store for a loaf of bread. No telling what horror he’d bring back.
    Just one question: You’re doing your research now?

  4. How anyone can read the case he cites and come to the conclusion that it applies here is beyond comprehension. I’m guessing not even the idiot at Acme Legal gave him that advice.

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