1 thought on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. I usually just lurk, but as this comes closer and closer….I gotta chime in. Oner of two possibilities: He’s just angry, obsessed and pissed off in that non-psychiatric way, or he’s full on nutters. It would be really terrible if he was full on nutters. Walker has a great boilerplate reminder for new readers. Hoge might want to put something up as simple as this: “I just want him to leave me alone!”

    Cause while Hoge is simple not going to drop this, Schmaldfedfd is the one who seems to need help. It would be terrible if folks misunderstood.
    Hoge: Reliable focused on the facts and law. Wants to be left alone, but will not be forced to drop the Kimberline stuff which now includes that guy whose name I can’t reliably type.
    Schcmaldefeld: Really, intensely focused on things which are not true, and very perverted/nasty and tasteless. Journalist? Hardly.

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