Prevarication Du Jour

frr201310041321Zpre·var·i·cate intransitive verb \pri-ˈver-ə-ˌkāt, -ˈva-rə-\ : to speak or act in an evasive way.

If Bill Schmalfeldt can’t find the tweet that I sent him on 15 February, it’s because he isn’t looking very hard. It looked like this:cease tweet

If he had typed “oldunclebastard,” the Twitter handle he was using in mid February, into the search box on the upper right here at Hogewash!, he would have found the post linked to in the tweet— TK&3-805The tweet and the blog post were among the evidence introduced in both the District Court and Circuit Court trials.

During the District Court trial, the Cabin Boy implied that he never received that notice. It appears that he lied. During the Circuit Court trial, a tweet was introduced into evidence to prove that Schmalfeldt was aware of the notice.oub201302151837Z

The link shown in that tweet goes to the post shown above, demonstrating that Schmalfeldt was aware of my demand for him to stop contacting me. He continued to do so in ways that harassed, alarmed, and/or seriously annoyed me in violation of the Maryland harassment statute, and the court found that he did so without any lawful purpose. That’s why he was adjudicated a harasser, and that’s why a peace order was issued.


LAST MINUTE ADDITION—Schmalfeldt has begun to try to weasel his way out of this one.frr201310041514ZHe says he doesn’t remember either the tweet or the blog post that were a major pieces of evidence in two trials in which he was the respondent.

Uh huh.

Could it be that the Cabin Boy is trying to use his “forgetfulness” to set the groundwork for some sort of twinkie defense?

24 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

    • You have to give him points for ASKING sources to give this information to him, rather than threatening that their kids will be taken away if they don’t, which as you recall he views as a legitimate and ethical journalistic tactic.

  1. It must be remembered that the deranged freak stated that he “could not find” John’s notice.

    I typed in

    twitter wjjhoge do not contact me

    into google and the second hit was

    which reads in part,

    Team Kimberlin and 3-805 DO NOT CONTACT ME @OldUncleBastard @BreitbartUnmask @OccupyRebellion

    I was able to “find” the twit after searching for about one minute.

    Bill Schmalfeldt likes to claim that his body is failing him, but, his mind is still sharp. Apparently, it isn’t.

  2. He is baiting you and testing the waters regarding a new angle of attack. I suggest not answering any more of these taunts because he is trying to get you and others to do his legal analysis for him. Luckily, he cannot use forgetfulness, stress or Parkinson’s dementia as an excuse for his forgetfulness and potential perjury since in the past few days he has stated that he is happy and at peace, and does not have PD dementia.

    • His legal nonsense is just that, and Zoa Barnes will see through it and know what to do in between gales of laughter.

    • I predict that he will continue to be “happy and at peace” as long as he sees it to his advantage to posture as the person who has reacted to the news of his final illness with grace and dignity. Then, uncle bastard will return with a vengeance.

      I simply don’t believe Schmalfeldt’s account of his reaction to being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease was stating, “At least it isn’t Lou Gherig’s Disease.” I think he wrote that will after the fact in an attempt to appear noble.

      As an interesting aside, it appears that Stephen Hawkings will survive much longer with ALS than Schmalfeldt will with PD. There is something to be said for people with terminal illnesses taking care of themselves, avoiding stress, and pursuing productive activities. Apparently, Hawkings uses a clicker to drive a voice simulator. It has always been a nightmare of mine to hear profanity-laced rants from Schmalfeldt spoken in that voice. I’ve always associated that voice with a great mind, not a Schmal one!

  3. So he thinks that he has done some legal beagling? The fact that you notified him, that he authenticated the tweet that he made that acknowledged it, and the fact that those were entered into evidence in a court of law and were adjudged to be notification is funny.

    Convenient he can forget what happened in court, perhaps he should ask his attorney to get him a copy of the order if he lost it.

    Oh, right, he probably can’t contact that attorney any more.

    Wonder why?

  4. To my view, his latest antics are very much ex post fatso. He was adjudicated a harasser and the result is the peace order. The court accepted as a fact that the warnings were given and then violated, they were established as fact and nothing changes that. His appeal is to argue that somehow the law and resulting PO doesn’t apply because JOURNALISM! SHUT UP!. He doesn’t get to try the whole thing all over again. If I could be sure the denoument (means climax for any really bad authors out there and you know who you are) would actually take place on the 16th I’d buy a ticket to come watch the fun. Only problem? Not enough popsorn in the ‘verse. I might anyway.

  5. You know what, though, he’s a super genius. I think he must be right (as he is about everything). I would encourage him to go to court and argue that he never got a notification, in person, to William Schmalfeldt, that Mr. Hoge wanted him to cease all contact, because I am quite sure that there is no record of such a thing, anywhere, that the court could get to.

  6. If you knew where such a thing could be found, though, don’t post it out here where he could find it. If it existed, I mean. Which it totally doesn’t.

    Because if it did exist – and it doesn’t, so he should be totally confident arguing in court that he never received such a notification – he might be able to get it from his attorney. Unless for some reason he can’t talk to that guy anymore.

  7. I will be surprised if the judge does not extend the PO. After all, WJJH can now show this latest lunacy as evidence that BS is bound and determined to ignore the authority of the court and find some way of circumventing the PO.

  8. Cabin Boy is now saying you never told him to not contact you. You told some guy named OldUncleBastard. But that is not apparently Bill. Wow, I think he really has you there. He should definitely stress this in his arguments before the court. Sorry Mr. Hoge but you have been had by a great legal mind.

  9. I think it is kind of a novel approach. Legal genius it is. I mean, he was harrassing *Mr. Hoge*, but some @wjjhoge who is on the internet, not a real life person.

  10. Legal genius, indeed. It would be interesting to see him read aloud his commentary about a bow tie-wearing “country” judge, the implication being that the judge is stupid, so why should BS have to listen to him?

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