Car Control

Doug Hagin writes over at Daley Gator about how the mainstream media react to certain crime stories.

Of course, MSNBS and the rest will not make this story into a campaign for stricter car sales laws. Frankly, blaming the car would be idiotic. But had this woman shot at police, it would be all about blaming the gun. I wish the media could offer some consistency.

Read the whole thing.

OTOH, I’ll bet the car involved had one of those high-capacity (greater than 10 gallon) gas tanks.

6 thoughts on “Car Control

  1. Some people think that adding red paint, decorative spoilers, and the like make a car likely to go faster. Just like people think that black plastic and other cosmetic attachments somehow make a gun more deadly. Perhaps banning “cool” parts for cars would help stop people from breaking the speed limit, just as banning guns that look scary is “effective” at stopping gun violence.

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