Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

Bill Schmalfeldt now seems to think that he can “prove” that he was never put on notice to stop contacting me. (H/T, @kylekiernan) (H/T, Bill Schmalfeldt, who sent me a link to his post at teamschmalfeldt dot com)

The Circuit Court looked at the evidence presented, including Schmalfeldt’s admission that he was the user of the @oldunclebastard account, and determined that he was on notice. Now he’s trying to claim that the link in his tweet doesn’t connect to my blog post.ffr201310041642Z


Gentle Reader, click on the link and see for yourself:

Does he really think that no one would fact check such a claim?

27 thoughts on “Bonus Prevarication Du Jour

  1. He doesn’t know beans about motions, rules of evidence, jurisdiction, etc. His previous good fortune, combined with hubris, have gone to his head. It’s like watching a train wreck about to happen and being unable to look away ….

  2. Yep. The link took me right to it… like magic and stuff.

    Wow. That AlGore dude is sooper-dooper smart.

    • I mean, no way, man. BS has this thing beat and will soon be puttering around Mr. Hoge’s house real soon like. There is no evidence that he has been given notice of Mr. Hoge’s cease contact notification. Nowhere. At all.

      And when he goes into court claiming that, since there is absolutely no evidence to the contrary, certainly none that the court would be aware of – he is going to win again again and again!

      • Y’know, Earl, I reckon you’re right. Now that you put it that way I guess I should feel sorry for Mr. Hoge what with his impending doom.

        Don’t drink that fiver John, better save up for cat fud. Protein is important.
        p.s. What’s with the typing lag?

  3. RSM has a post up about NR. I find it interesting that about 2 weeks ago, CBBS started to exert a miniscule measure of self control. He signed up for a couple of “we’ll-accept-anybody” journalist garden clubs. He went back to DJ. He has automated his radio show. Why, it’s almost as if someone has been advising him, counseling him, to try to create an air of competence and professionalism before his upcoming court dates. Wonder who has him on a leash, hmm? Except, an overnight transformation does not eliminate admissions to not being a journalist, and years of poop, anal sex, and rape fantasies.

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