America Held Hostage: Obamacare Day 4

Millions of Poor Are Left Uncovered by Health Law

That’s a headline from a New York Times story with this opening paragraph:

A sweeping national effort to extend health coverage to millions of Americans will leave out two-thirds of the poor blacks and single mothers and more than half of the low-wage workers who do not have insurance, the very kinds of people that the program was intended to help, according to an analysis of census data by The New York Times.

Of course, the Times goes on to blame the problem not on the inherent defects of the law but on the actions of those evil Republicans who control the governments of the states where those poor blacks and single mothers live.

Let it burn.

2 thoughts on “America Held Hostage: Obamacare Day 4

  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Does that make the US Government “Terrorists”? I think it does… If Harry Reid can use that phrase, by God I can use it. The Senate is FULL of terrorists. They are called “Democrat Senators”.

    I just posted a poll. 88% of Americans polled now believe “The Government is in charge of the People”. 8% believe the people are in charge of the government. It IS TIME FOR CHANGE!

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