A Common Sense Compromise

After the unfortunate events in Washington yesterday involving the irresponsible use of an automobile, there are already cries for increased car control and mandatory background checks for potential purchasers of motor vehicles. After all, no provision of the Bill of Rights explicitly shields the use of such dangerous equipment.

However, even the advocates of strict control must admit that automobiles are sometimes used for legitimate purposes. Some of the more extreme proposals for car control would certainly infringe on those uses, but a couple of proposals make some sense.

First, limit the importation of foreign vehicles to those with a legitimate transportation purpose. The imported car used yesterday was a powerful, luxury model that greatly exceeded the normal requirements for basic transportation.

Second, ban the use of high-capacity fuel tanks—greater than 10 gallon (7 gallons in New York). Requiring criminal drivers to refuel will give police an opportunity to catch them off the road and away from public traffic.

If it saves only one life …

7 thoughts on “A Common Sense Compromise

  1. OT but I note this:

    Notice to stop communicating with me. A copy of the blog post and the tweet I sent to Bill Schmalfeldt were placed in evidence. In the Circuit Court case, a tweet he sent acknowledging the existence of my notice was also explicitly introduced. Schmalfeldt authenticated his tweet.

    Didja do the prevarication of the day yet?

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