Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

It is not surprising when Xenophon gets something dead wrong. She published this nonsense yesterday at Breitbart Unmasked (No, I won’t link to it.):

Readers will recall that weeks ago, we identified a man named Kender McGowan as the original creator of the @kimberlinunmask Twitter account, which exists for the sole purpose of defaming Kimberlin. McGowan appeared in the comments of our post to deny responsibility, but on Monday night he admitted it was all a lie.

Spoke with counsel and was advised admit it; Kimberlin Unmasked? Me. Jack Idema fan club? Me. It’s all me. So sue me bitches.

— kender1 (@kender1) October 1, 2013

I don’t know who Kimberlin Unmasked is, but I have talked with one of the lawyers who is advising that anonymous blogger and who does know the blogger’s name. Based on my conversations with that lawyer, I can say that Kender McGowan is not Kimberlin Unmasked. Neither is Aaron Walker.

Fail. Again.

4 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Did they miss the obvious sarcasm in the tweet by Kender1? What they need is Schmalfeldt family who can dox an anonymous twitter account in 5 minutes. Wait….why hasn’t Schmalfeldt figured out to KU is yet? I mean he bragged how easy it was. Don’t tell me that…..he…..lied? On NOES!

  2. Yah, we’re all Spartacus…

    Have they considered that Kimberlin Unmasked might be a tag team, and not an individual?

    I’ll bet Neal’s sooper-dooper snooper social mapping software has been giving some results that are, shall we say, “anomalous”, WRT KU.

    GIGO, boys. 😉

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